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Black's Law Dictionary
By Bryan A. Garner
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Nutshells Tort 10th ed
By Vera Bermingham, Jo...
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Copinger and Skone James on Copyright
By Nicholas Caddick, Q...
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Nutshells A Level Law
By Martin Hunt
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Nutshells Land Law
By Michael Haley
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Nutshells Company Law
By Rose, Francis
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Nutshells Contract Law
By Duxbury, Robert
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Nutshells Employment Law
By Andrew C. Bell
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Nutshells Criminal Law 10th ed
By Joanna Clough, Adam...
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Nutcases Constitutional and Administrative Law 6th ed
By Maureen Spencer, Jo...
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Nutcases European Union Law 6th ed
By Penny Kent
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Nutcases Evidence
By Michael Stockdale, ...
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Nutcases Human Rights
By John Spencer, Maure...
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