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Integration through Law:The Role of Law and the Rule of Law in ASEAN Integration: Series Number 9: The Role of the Public Bureaucracy in Policy Implementation in Five ASEAN Countries
This pioneering book addresses an important gap in the literature by comparing the role of the public bureaucracies in policy implementation in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. It highlights...

Paperback / softback: Rs. 5,199.00
European Law and Cultural Policies / Droit europeen et politiques culturelles
  New edition

Paperback / softback: Rs. 3,995.00
Law and Public Administration in Ireland
By Donson, Fiona& O'Donovan, Dr Darren

Paperback: Rs. 9,600.00  Rs. 8,160.00
More Than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure
By Omri Ben-Shahar, Carl E. Schneider
Perhaps no kind of regulation is more common or less useful than mandated disclosure--requiring one party to a transaction to give the other information. It is the iTunes terms you assent to, the doctor's consent form...

Hardback: Rs. 2,500.00
Qualitat Im Cluster- Und Netzwerkmanagement
By Kiehlmann, Fabian

Paperback / softback: Rs. 5,399.00  Rs. 4,589.00
Whistleblowing by Federal Employees: Barriers & Protections
For over three decades, the law has recognised the importance of encouraging Federal employees to come forward with reports of any violation of any law, rule, or regulation, or gross mismanagement, a gross waste of...

Hardback: Rs. 10,400.00
Neue Steuerungs- Und Managementmethoden an Universitaten
By Rybnicek, Robert

Paperback / softback: Rs. 4,799.00  Rs. 4,079.00
Exchange of Information and Data Protection in Cross-border Criminal Proceedings in Europe
  2015 ed.
In the past 10 years, the Member States of the European Union (EU) have intensified their exchange of information for the purposes of preventing and combating serious cross-border crime, as manifested in three main...

Hardback: Rs. 9,999.00
Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators
By Castagnera, James Ottavio
  2 Rev ed, 2014
Addressing the developing relationship between higher education and the law, this book provides the academic administrator with the means to knowledgeably and confidently navigate the many legal threats and challenges...

Paperback: Rs. 3,798.00  Rs. 3,228.00