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From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime: Criminal Careers, Justice Policy and Prevention
What makes a juvenile delinquent develop into an adult criminal? What defines-cognitively, developmentally, legally-the transition from juvenile to adult and what determines whether patterns of criminal behavior...

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Juvenile Justice Reform and Restorative Justice
By Bazemore, Gordon& Schiff, Mara
During the 1990s restorative justice emerged as an international movement for criminal justice reform, and a number of countries adopted policies encouraging or requiring the use of restorative justice practices as an...

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Rougher Justice
By Peter Squires, Dawn Stephen
Anti-social behaviour has become a major political preoccupation of government and combating it is now a major plank of criminal justice policy. Yet anti-social behaviour as a concept has been little studied, and the...

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Youth Offending and Restorative Justice
By Adam Crawford (University of Leeds, UK), Tim ...
This book provides an empirically grounded, theoretically informed account of recent changes to the youth justice system in England and Wales, focusing on the introduction of elements of restorative justice into the...

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Transforming Youth Justice
By Anna Souhami (University of Edinburgh, UK)
In 1997 the newly modernized Labour party swept into power promising a radical overhaul of the youth justice system. The creation of inter-agency Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) for the delivery of youth justice services...

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Judging Children As Children: A Proposal for a Juvenile Justice System
By Michael Corriero
An argument for more judicial discretion in sentencing children

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Rethinking Juvenile Justice
By Elizabeth S. Scott, Laurence D. Steinberg
What should we do with teenagers who commit crimes? Are they children whose offenses are the result of immaturity and circumstances, or are they in fact criminals? "Adult time for adult crime" has been the justice...

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By Cruse, Gordon

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R U Listenin'?
By Bianchini, Terry
Aimed at professionals working with men who are challenging the boundaries of society or any man who feels frustrated by his life, the book offers detailed illustrative case studies, structured exercises and topics for...

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