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After Crime and Punishment
The issue of resettling ex-prisoners and ex-offenders into the community has become an increasingly important one on both sides of the Atlantic. In the USA the former Attorney General Janet Reno identified the...

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The Politics of Sentencing Reform
Sentencing practice and reform has in recent years assumed a high political profile in many jurisdictions. Changing public attitudes about the relative seriousness of different offences, evidence of inconsistent...

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Prisons and the Voluntary Sector
By Bryans, Shane& Walker, Roma& Martin, Clive
From 2002 there has been a major initiative to engage the voluntary sector and wider community in the work of prisons. This work edited by three experts and containing contributions by a range of informed commentators...

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Introduction to the Probation Service
By Whitfield, Dick
  2 Rev ed, 2001
Based on a work of the same title by Anthony Osler which was published in 1995, this rewritten edition offers a non-technical account of the probation service, its history, and its modern-day role.

Paperback: Rs. 2,340.00  Rs. 1,989.00
Repair or Revenge: Victims and Restorative Justice
By Heather Strang
This book addresses the role of victims in our criminal justice system and the shortcomings they perceive in the way they are treated. It examines whether restorative justice can offer them more justice than they...

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Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide
By Krannich, Ron L.& Krannich, Caryl, PhD.

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Reducing Reoffending
By McNeil, Fergus& Whyte, Bill
Provides a critical overview of social work with offenders in Scotland, taking account of the developments. This book aims to provide an analysis of the challenges faced in community justice in Scotland and locates...

Paperback: Rs. 4,559.00  Rs. 3,875.00
Prisoner Resettlement
Provides a review and analysis of resettlement policy and practice in England and Wales in the early part of the 21st Century. This book aims to: outline developments in resettlement policy and practice; and describe...

Paperback: Rs. 4,439.00  Rs. 3,773.00
Pocket Guide to Restorative Justice
By Wallis, Pete& Tudor, Barbara
This pocket-sized guide covers every stage of the process, from how a facilitator should prepare for taking on a new case, through initial contacts with victim and offender and facilitating meetings, to recording and...

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