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Bharat Ka Samvidhan- Constitution of India with Case-Law, Diglot Edition - (In English and Hindi)
  2nd Edition
Bharat Ka Samvidhan - Constitution of India (Diglot Edition): This publication contains the authoritative text of the Constitution of...

Hardback: Rs. 1,050.00  Rs. 840.00
Interpretation of Statutes (Old Edition)
By Vepa P. Sarathi
  4th Edition, 2003
This is the 4th edition of the erudite work which ever since it was first pubished in 1975 has achieved immense popularity among the legal fraternity of India. The method...

Hardbound: Rs. 880.00  Rs. 528.00
Law of Elections and Election Petitions (Set of 2 Volumes)
By Doabia & Doabia
  5th Edition 2016, 2015
This fifth edition gives an overview of the entire process of Elections beginning with Delimitation of Constituencies to the Power of Recall. It also provides a detailed and critical analysis of...

Hardback: Rs. 4,995.00  Rs. 4,246.00
DD Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India - Volume 6 (Covering Articles 25 TO 35)
By DD Basu (Revised Justice SS Subramani)
  9th Edition 2016, 2015
D D Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India is a pioneering work on the Indian Constitution. First published in 1950, this work has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most comprehensive...

Hardback: Rs. 2,495.00  Rs. 2,121.00
Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir - Its Development & Comments
By Justice A.S Anand
  8th Edition, 2016
In this Eight edition of the work, indepth study has been made into the circumstances which led to the creation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, the effect of its...

Hardbound: Rs. 995.00  Rs. 896.00
V.N. Shukla's Constitution of India
By Prof (Dr.) Mahendra Pal Singh (Revised)
  13th Edition,2017 with Supplement 2019
V.N. Shukla’s Constitution of India has proved itself, over twelve editions, to be the most authoritative and respected academic book on the Indian Constitution. Its...

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Constitution of India with Short Notes and Subject Index - As amended upto Constitution (One-hundredth Amendment) Act, 2015 Pocket Edition
  35th Edition, 2016
The present edition incorporates in the text amendments up to the Constitution (One-hundredth Amendment) Act, 2015 and other Acts such as Act 52 of 2006, Act 16 of 2010,...

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Constitution of India (in Hindi) - भारत का संविधान- Bharat ka Samvidhan [Pocket Edition]
  14th Edition
The fourteenth edition of this thoroughly revised and updated work includes the latest constitutional amendments as they have affected the...

Paperback: Rs. 145.00  Rs. 116.00
The Constitution of India An Analytical Approach
By H.K. Saharay
  Edition: 4th
An outstanding work by an erudite author that deals exhaustively with all the sensitive issues that arise in the context of the...

Hardbound: Rs. 1,495.00  Rs. 1,196.00