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Military Justice in the Modern Age
Military justice systems across the world are in a state of transition. These changes are due to a combination of both domestic and international legal pressures. The domestic influences include constitutional...

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War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation: Law and Practice
By Andrew Bano
War pensions law some contains a number of unique features, in particular, the onus on the Secretary of State to disprove entitlement to benefit beyond reasonable doubt. Although the war pensions scheme has now been...

Hardback: Rs. 7,500.00
The Law of Collaborative Defence Procurement in the European Union
By Baudouin Heuninckx
States increasingly cooperate to buy expensive defence equipment, but the management and legal aspects of these large collaborative procurement programmes are complex and not well understood. The Law of Collaborative...

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Conformity of Goods and Documents
By Djakhongir Saidov

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Armed Forces Special Power Act: A Draconian Law?
By Dr. U. C. Jha
The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) has become one of the most controversial laws, both in India and the world. A few NGOs and human rights activists have described it as draconian, alleging that it gives the...

Hardback: Rs. 4,800.00
Defense Production Act: Elements & Considerations
The Defense Production Act of 1950 (DPA), provides the President a broad set of authorities to ensure that domestic industry can meet national defence requirements. In the DPA, Congress has found that "the security of...

Paperback / softback: Rs. 4,900.00
Buying Defence and Security in Europe: The EU Defence and Security Procurement Directive in Context
By Martin Trybus (University of Birmingham)
Buying Defence and Security in Europe is the first critical evaluation of the EU Defence and Security Procurement Directive 2009/81/EC, which is now the basis for public and private entities buying armaments and...

Hardback: Rs. 8,999.00
Death or Deliverance
By Iacobelli, Teresa
In this eye-opening account of military law in the Great War, courts martials emerge not as brutal, merciless dispensers of frontline justice but as courts capable of mercy.

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