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Competition Law
By Neha Vyas
  1st Edition, 2021
Competition Law: Concepts, Law and Practice by Neha Vyas is part of EBC’s Commercial Titles Series. Competition policy is widely influenced by...

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E-Commerce : Legal Compliance
By Pratima Narayan
  1st, 2020
E-Commerce: Legal Compliance by Dr Pratima Narayan blends all facets of electronic commerce and vividly charts the roles and responsibilities of every...

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Insider Trading - Law & Practice
By Armaan Patkar
  1st Edition, 2019
Insider Trading: Law and Practice by Armaan Patkar is a pioneering work on the subject, serves as a comprehensive...

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Goods And Services Tax - Constitutional Law and Policy
By Tarun Jain
  1st Edition, 2018
The present comprehensive treatise on the biggest ever tax-reform in India, the Goods and Services Tax, throws light upon...

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Patent Prosecution: Practice and Procedure
By Mathew Thomas
Patent Prosecution: Practice and Procedure by Mathew Thomas is an authoritative textbook on this subject. The book provides an overview of patent...

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Goods and Services Tax: Law and Practice
By Milind Kumar
  1st, 2019
About the Author: Milind Kumar is a renowned M Sc gold medallist, a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, a graduate from CLC, Delhi University. He has a...

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E-Commerce Laws - Law and Practice
By Ammu Charles
  1st, 2019
The work has been primarily written to help enterpreneurs who are looking to develop strategies for building a robust business, practioners seeking to navigate their clients in running...

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Merger Control In India: Law And Practice
By Tarun Mathur
  2018 Edition
Merger Control in India: Law and Practice by Tarun Mathur aim to provide an overview and landscape of the merger control regime in...

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Due Diligence
By Hemant K Batra
Hemant K. Batra is a Strategist Business, Corporate, Commercial, and Policy Lawyer for nearly 3 decades. He is the elected vice-president of SAARCLAW and is associated with various projects of UN,...

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