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Latest Releases
  • “In this edition, the author has discussed in detail the new provisions introduced by Companies Act, 2013.”

  • “The book is designed to provide introductory knowledge of Company Law as per new Companies Act, 2013.”

Law Entrance Books
Guide for Higher Judicial Service Examination
by Narender Kumar
Rs. 595 Rs. 476
by Narender Kumar
Rs. 425 Rs. 340
by Malik Shailender
Rs. 725 Rs. 753
by Thorpes
Rs. 795 Rs. 636
Avtar Singh Special
by Avtar Singh
Rs. 395 Rs. 356
Company Law Company Law
by Avtar Singh
Rs.395 Rs.355
Contract Law - [EASY LAW SERIES] Contract Law - [EASY LAW SERIES]
by Avtar Singh
Rs.195 Rs.175
Competition Law Competition Law
by Avtar Singh
Rs.650 Rs.585
Law of Partnership Law of Partnership
by Avtar Singh
Rs.695 Rs.625
Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property Law
by Avtar Singh
Rs.410 Rs.369
Law of Insolvency Law of Insolvency
by Avtar Singh
Rs.295 Rs.266
New Student Publications
by N.S. Gopalakrishnan
Rs. 535 Rs. 482
by Prof. Dr. Bimal N. Patel
Rs. 485 Rs. 437
by C.K. Takwani
Rs. 299 Rs. 269
by EBC
Rs. 485 Rs. 437
V.D. Mahajan's Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
by V.D. Mahajan
Rs. 355 Rs. 476
Judicial Process Precedent in Indian Law
by A. Lakshminath
Rs. 650 Rs. 585
by Vepa P. Sarathi
Rs. 350 Rs. 315
by Anirudh Prasad
Rs. 990 Rs. 891
Interpreting the Statutes Made Easy
by Avtar Singh
Rs. 450 Rs. 360
by B.M. Gandhi
Rs. 295 Rs. 266
Interpretation of Statutes
by Vepa P. Sarathi
Rs. 490 Rs. 441
by N.S. Bindra
Rs. 1495 Rs. 1196
Understanding the Contracts
by Surendra Malik
Rs. 2550 Rs. 2117
by Avtar Singh
Rs. 495 Rs. 445
Interpretation of Statutes
by Avtar Singh
Rs. 250 Rs. 225
by Sanjiva Row
Rs. 2095 Rs. 1676
Criminal Law And Procedure
How to Frame a Charge under Penal Code and Criminal Minor Acts
by Revised by Justice
M.L. Singhal
Rs. 645 Rs. 581
O.P. Srivastava's Principles of Criminal Law O.P. Srivastava's Principles of Criminal Law
by Ram Naresh Choudhary
Rs.270 Rs.243
Contract Law - [EASY LAW SERIES] P.L. Malik's Criminal Court Handbook with Model Charges
by Sumeet Malik
Rs.1245 Rs.1121
Supreme Court on Death Sentence in Murder Cases Supreme Court on Death Sentence in Murder Cases
by Surendra Malik & Sudeep Malik
Rs.795 Rs.716
Lectures on Criminal Procedure Lectures on Criminal Procedure
by K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai
Rs.325 Rs.293
Shamsul Huda's Principles of the Law of Crimes Shamsul Huda's Principles of the Law of Crimes
by Prof. K.I. Vibhute
Rs.750 Rs.675
Supreme Court on Bail, Anticipatory Bail and Quashment Supreme Court on Bail, Anticipatory Bail and Quashment
by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
Rs.1150 Rs.1035
 Combi-Pack Discount
  Surendra Malik, Sudeep Malik and Vijay Malik
  2014 Edition
    Rs. 2,625.00  Rs. 2,363.00

New Releases
Companies Act 2013 w...
Rs. 545.00  Rs. 491.00
Criminal Court Handb...
By :Sumeet Malik
Rs. 1,245.00  Rs. 1,121.00
By :B.L. Babel
Rs. 345.00  Rs. 310.50
Business Law (Former...
By :Dr. Avtar Singh
Rs. 695.00  Rs. 626.00
Criminal Procedure -...
By :Dr. K.N. Chandr...
Rs. 695.00  Rs. 626.00
D.P. Varshni's How t...
By :Revised by Just...
Rs. 645.00  Rs. 581.00