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Jurisprudence and Legal Theory Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
by V.D. Mahajan's
Edition: 5th Edition, Reprinted 2016
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 664 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351453338
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 3.85 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 2.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/333
Date Added: 2015-12-11
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V.D. Mahajan’s work is a legal classic and has gone into several editions and reprinted a number of times. Written in a very simple and clear language it covers the subjects of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory thoroughly.


  • Review Projector
    The author has been successful in achieving his aim of providing an elementary book in a simple and understandable language. Index and the suggested readings, given separately at the end of each chapter, for further material on the topics discussed, add to its utility and supply additional food for study and thought about law and legal science.
  • Cochin University Law Review
    There is a dearth of writing by Indian authors on jurisprudence and legal theory. V.D. Mahajan's book makes a valuable contribution in filling up this gap. While discussing each theory the author has authenticated the subject with reference to all important writers and theoreticians on each of them. The wide ranging references on each topic are valuable for any further study on the subject.
  • Gujarat Law Reporter
    This is a unique book in legal literature from which the students are able to get all the materials connected to this subject. Different references, discussions on various legal theories including international theories are provided. This book will be very useful to the students of law, library of the colleges, lawyers and all others who are connected to this subject.
  • All India Reporter
    The author of the book possesses analytical knowledge of the subject and hence the book is complete with full critical analysis of the subject containing various views of the distinguished jurists arranged under appropriate heads on all the basic concepts which underline systems of law. This edition benefits from the timely reappraisal of materials and their strict relevance to the subject. Undoubtedly, this book will be useful for ready reference to the students of law and the practitioners alike. On the whole, the book is worth studying for complete understanding of the subject and hence it deserves a rightful place in the library of law.

Table Of Contents:

1. Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence

2. The Nature of Law

3. Kinds of Law

4. Classification of Law

5. Law and Morals

6. State and Sovereignty

7. Administration of Justice

8. Sources of Law

9. Legislation

10. Precedent

11. Custom

12. Professional Opinion and Religion

13. Legal Rights and Duties

14. Ownership and Possession

15. Persons

16. Title

17. Liability

18. Law of Property

19. The Law of Obligations

20. The Law of Procedure

21. Legal Theory

22. Analytical Legal Positivism

23. Pure Theory of Law

24. Historical School of Law

25. The Philosophical School of Law

26. Sociological School

27. American Realism

28. The Scandinavian Realists

29. Natural Law

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