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Judgments and  How to Write Them
By S.D. Singh

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V.D. Mahajan's Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By V B Coutinho

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Law and Social Transformation
By P Ishwara Bhat

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Moot Courts and Mooting
By Abhinandan Malik
The second edition of Moot Courts and Mooting has been thoroughly revised to include a detailed discussion on legal research as well...

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Moot Court, Exercise and Internship
By S R Myneni
  2nd Edition 2021, Reprinted 2022

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Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English
By B M Gandhi
B.M. Gandhi\'s Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English is designed as a basic text for law students. Not only does it fulfil the requirements of the legal language and writing...

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Professional Ethics, Accountancy For Lawyers and Bench Bar Relations
By J P S Sirohi, Sunil Sirohi
  8th Edition, 2022

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Law and Social Transformation
By G. P. Tripathi
  1st Edition 2012, Reprinted 2021
Law is generally understood to be a mirror of society- a...

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Moot Court and Mock Trials - Art to and Art of Advocacy: Essentials of Court Craft
By K L Bhatia
  2nd Edition, 2018
The traditional system of legal education, for various reasons was not in a position to accept the challenges that came with the changing time. A new approach was then...

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