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Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By V.D. Mahajan
  5th 1987, Reprinted 2021
V.D. Mahajan’s work is a legal classic and has gone into several editions and reprinted a number of times. Written in a very simple and clear language it...

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Lectures in Jurisprudence
By N K Jayakumar
Lectures in Jurisprudence 3e is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law education institutes including national law schools, and practising lawyers. It will also be an...

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Jurisprudence & Legal Theory (Old Edition)
By V.D. Mahajan
  5th Edition, R/P 2012
V.D.Mahajan’s Jurisprudence and Legal Theory is a detailed analytical work on the subject, prepared with precision and clarity for an otherwise difficult and complex...

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Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By P.S. Atchuthen Pillai
This standard work incorporates all important developments in the subject. Prof. Pillai has elicited from amidst the explosive volume of case-law available today, the basic jurisprudential principles...

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Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By G.C. Venkata Subbarao
  9th, 1975, Reprinted 2020
Many Indian Universities already prescribe this splendid work as a textbook. The learned author, a former Dean of the Faculty of Law in...

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विधिशास्त्र  के  मूल  सिद्धांत - Vidhishastra ke Mool Siddhant -Principles of Jurisprudence (in Hindi)
By Anirudh Prasad
  5th, 2016
The current edition of this much acclaimed and popular work has now been released in a special low price edition. The book covers the...

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Vidhishastra Evam Vidhi Ke Siddhant (Jurisprudence & Legal Theory in Hindi)
By G.C. Venkat Subbarao
  1981 Edition, Reprinted 1997
This evergreen book is an excellent attempt to explain the legal concepts and the theories of law, including its sources, in simple and understandable language. The author has discussed important...

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In Defence of Legal Positivism:  Law Without Trimmings
By Matthew H. Kramer
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
The author is Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy in the University of Cambridge. Whenever there is a legal rule, the question arises: what makes the legal rule different...

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Seeds of Modern Public Law  in Ancient Indian Jurisprudence
By Rama Jois
  2nd Edition, 2000
This work is an 'exploratory search into the gold mines of Ancient Indian Jurisprudence '. Delivered as public law lectures at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, it is a window to...

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