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Postal and Courier Services  and The Consumer
By J.V.N. Jaiswal
  1st Edition, 2004.
With the increase in the pace of the economy and the pressures on the Post Offices and the courier companies, instances of misdelivery, non-delivery and loss of postal articles entrusted to these...

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Maritime Security & Piracy (Global Issues, Challenges and Solutions)
By Bimal N. Patel, Hitesh Thakkar
  Ist Edition, 2012
The present work is a compilation of articles on the global issues, challenges and solutions pertaining to

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Right to Travel Under Constitution
By B Errabbi
  1986 Edition

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The Institution of Property : Legally, Historically and Philosophically Regarded
By R.S. Bhalla
This is an authoritative, in-depth and comprehensive study of the Institution of Property and the varying forms that it has taken during the course of development. The author traces the changes that the...

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Corporate Governance and Chairmanship
By Adrian Cadbury
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
Adrian Cadbury has had considerable experience of boards and chairmanship in Britain and abroad. He was Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes for 14 years and his board appointments have included the Bank of...

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 357.00
International Law and the Environment
By Patricia Birnie
  1st Indian Edition, 2004
This new edition of International Law and the Environment provides an authoritative account of the main principles of international law concerning protection of the environment. Written by two of the...

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Tort Law
By Nicholas J Mcbride and Roderick Bagshaw
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
Written in a lively and friendly style, Tort Law aims to provide the reader with a clear, accessible and up-to-date overview of the entire field of tort law. While Tort Law is primarily...

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 357.00
In Defence of Legal Positivism:  Law Without Trimmings
By Matthew H. Kramer
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
The author is Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy in the University of Cambridge. Whenever there is a legal rule, the question arises: what makes the legal rule different...

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Commentaries on Payment of Wages Act,1936
By K.D Srivastava
  5th Edition, with Supplement, 2012
A new case law and statute law supplement have been added to the fifth edition of the book bringing it up-to-date till 2003. The author has provided a detailed section-wise...

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