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Supreme Court Cases (Back Volumes) - SCC Bound Volumes
  The Bound Back Volumes of the weekly law report, Supreme Court Cases, are available since its inception in 1969 till date, in durable, and...

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Natural Resources Law- Concepts and Approaches by P. Ishwara Bhat
By P. Ishwara Bhat
  2016 Edition
Natural Resources Law: Concepts and Approaches makes a significant contribution to the field of natural resources law. This book...

Natural Resources Law Concepts and Approaches:
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India: The Business Opportunity by Linda Spedding
By Linda Spedding
  1st Edition, 2016
The book India: The Business Opportunity highlights in eighteen chapters what every business entity must know to...

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Philosopher of Raisina: Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Lectures
By Lokendra Malik, Shabeena Anjum
  1st edition, 2016
The current legal classic is a collection of lectures delivered by eminent scholars in honour of the much-celebrated...

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Working of the Constitution: Checks and Balances by V. Sudhish Pai
By V. Sudhish Pai
  2015 Edition
The book Working of the Constitution: Checks and Balances by V. Sudhish Pai covers constitutionalism, and contribution of the Supreme Court of India on constitutional...

Hardbound: Rs. 895.00  Rs. 761.00
 Criminal Court Handbook
By Sumeet Malik
  23rd Edition, 2016
This thorough and dependable work contains a wealth of material on the three major Criminal Acts, namely the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, Indian Penal Code,...

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Entrepreneurs' Legal Guide to Business by Harish Narasappa, Siddharth Raja, Neela Badami Partners - Samvad: Partners
By Harish Narasappa, Siddharth Raja, Neela Badam...
  2016 Edition
Entrepreneurs’ Legal Guide to Business has been authored with the aim to familiarise the entrepreneurs with the basics of law...

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Climate Change- Law , Policy and Governance by Usha Tandon
By Usha Tandon (Editor)
  2016 Edition
“... a unique compilation ... This book will enrich millions of readers with the world view of climate change...”    – Extract from...

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Judicial Process and Precedent
By A. Lakshminath
  4th Edition, 2016
The new fourth edition of this scholarly work is more exhaustive and comprehensive in its coverage, with the latest case law. It studies the role of 'precedent' in...

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