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Companies Act, 2013 (Large)Bare Act (Print/eBook)
  10th, 2021
 An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies. With...

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संविदा  विधि  के  सिद्धांत  तथा  विनिर्दिष्ट  अनुतोष  अधिनियम, १९६३  - Samvida Vidhi Ke Siddhant Tatha Vinirdisht Anutosh Adhiniyam, (Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 1963 in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  11th 2017, Reprint 2021
The eleventh edition of this immensely popular classic work has been thoroughly updated and revised. The book is divide into three parts,...

A Quick Guide To Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)
By Chintan N. Patel, Bhupendra Mantri
  4th Edition 2017
Incorporating: A Comprehensive & Simplified Guide to Ind AS Comparative Study of IFRS/Indian GAAP/Ind AS Ind AS Carve outs FAQs on Ind AS Schedule III Financial Format Income Computation & Disclosure Standards Ind AS...

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CSR in India - Steering Business towards Social Change
By Kshama V Kaushik
The concept of businesses giving back to society is as old as commerce, variously known as charity, philanthropy, social work, etc. With...

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Corporate Law Referencer - Presenting 360 View of the Companies Act 2013 with Section-wise Arrangement of all Circulars, Orders, Rules, Notifications
By eMinds Legal
  Corporate Law Referencer – Presenting 360° View of the Companies Act 2013 with Section-wise Arrangement of all Circulars,...

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Make it in India- Handbook on Starting and Doing Business
By Raman Jokhakar
  1st Edition 2017
Make it in India – Handbook on Starting and Doing Business provides significant guidance...

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MCQ on Contract Law (In 2 Volumes)
By Joshua Nathan Aston
  2018 Edition
MCQ on Contract Law I provides a clear and concise overview of the Law of Contract in India covering formation and basic elements of a...

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Contract Law for Managers In 2 Volumes
By Joshua Nathan Aston
  2018, Reprinted 2021
Contract Law for Managers is designed to make it easier for managers in companies and institutes to perform their role...

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Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970[Amended up to Act 4 of 2005 and as of 7-1-2021]Bare Act (Print/eBook)
  32nd, 2021
An Act to regulate the employment of contract labour in certain establishments and to provide for its abolition in certain circumstances and for matters connected therewith.

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