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Commencement of Laytime
By Lewis Moore, Donald Davies
  4th New edition
Commencement of Laytime is the only in-depth examination and discussion concerning the most important financial aspect of laytime which can affect all voyage charter parties and international contracts for the sale of...

Hardback: Rs. 31,500.00
Maritime Security & Piracy (Global Issues, Challenges and Solutions)
By Bimal N. Patel, Hitesh Thakkar
  Ist Edition, 2012
The present work is a compilation of articles on the global issues, challenges and solutions pertaining to

eBOOK: Rs.950.00 Rs.713.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.950.00 Rs.713.00 |
Shipbroking and Chartering Practice
By Gorton, Lars& Hillenius, Patrick& Ihre, Rolf&...
  7 Rev ed, 2009
Shipbroking and Chartering Practice

Rs. 24,000.00  Rs. 20,400.00
Port Operations, Planning and Logistics
By Bichou, Khalid
Port Operations, Planning and Logistics

Rs. 30,000.00  Rs. 25,500.00
Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts
By Roger Ter Haar, QC, Marshall Levine
  2nd New edition
Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts, 2nd Edition comprises commentary on all the most important contracts, regulations and policies. This book will be useful reading for those in the construction...

Hardback: Rs. 32,000.00
Deceit: The Lie of the Law
By MacDonald Eggers, Peter
Deceit: The Lie of the Law

Rs. 29,500.00  Rs. 25,075.00
Aspects of Maritime Law: Claims Under Bills of Lading
By M.L Hendrikse N.H Margetson N.J Margetson
  First Edition

Rs. 12,100.00  Rs. 10,285.00
Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
By Patrick Griggs, Richard Williams, Jeremy Farr
  4th New edition
This fourth edition addresses certain developments, including the 1996 Protocol to the 1976 Limitation Convention, which have come into effect since publication of the previous edition. The chapters on limitation of...

Hardback: Rs. 43,500.00
Marine Insurance Legislation
By Professor Robert M. Merkin, Jennifer Lavelle,...
  4th New edition
The book sets out the text of English marine insurance legislation and the most important of the market clauses (the Institute Clauses) used in respect of marine policies written in the London Market. ...

Hardback: Rs. 20,000.00