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Companies Act, 2013 (Large)
  9th, 2020
 An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies. With...

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LexisNexis The Companies Act, 2013 (With Rules & Forms) Including the latest amended NCLT and NCLAT Rules, 2016 and incorporating amendments made by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
By LexisNexis
  5th Edition 2017
LexisNexis The Companies Act, 2013 (With Rules & Forms) Including the latest amended NCLT...

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Company Law Ready Reckoner
By Taxmann
  4th Edition 2017
A Comprehensive Practitioner’s Guide to Companies Act 2013

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Company Law A Comprehensive Text Book on Companies Act 2013
By G K KapoorSanjay Dhamija
  22nd, 2019
A Comprehensive Text Book on Companies Act, 2013, as amended by the   Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019, especially conceived for...

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Guide to Memorandum Articles & Incorporation of Companies
By Bhandari & Makheeja
Bhandari & Makheeja Guide to Memorandum, Articles and Incorporation of Companies serves as a comprehensive and practical guide on legal and procedural aspects governing the incorporation of companies and Limited...

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Companies Act, 2013
  4th Edition, 2016 (Pocket)
The new Companies Act brings in substantial changes in regulations that govern companies in the country. This publication...

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International Compliance - Legal Requirements of Business Organisation in 30 Countries
By Konstantin von Busekist
 Compliance violations by and within businesses have now assumed international proportions. At the same time, the responsibility of both local and corporate management...

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Competition Act, 2002 (12 of 2003) (With Exhaustive Case Law)
By Universal's

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Guide to Companies ( Amendment) Bill 2016
By Taxmaan
  2016 Edition
IncorporatingSection-wise Analytical Guide to Companies (Amendment) Bill 216Text of Companies (Amendment) Bill 216

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