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Consumer Claims
By Akanksha Rana
  1st Edn., 2020
Akanksha Rana’s Consumer Claims is part of EBC’s LAYMAN SERIES and is written for the consumer and to empower...

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Women's Consumer Rights and their Awareness
By R. Nageswari, S. Gokilavani

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Consumer Protection Law : Provisions and Procedure
By R. N. P. Chaudhary
Every civilised nation of the world has its own legislation which protects the consumers. In India it was at the end of twentieth century, the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted. The main object...

Hardback: Rs. 900.00  Rs. 810.00
Consumer Protection Act
By S. C. Tripathi
  6th Edition, 2017
This is a comprehensive study of Law of Consumer Protection in India covering all important aspects related to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986....

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Consumerism and Legal Protection of Consumers
By Dr. Jan Rifat

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Consumer Protection Administration: Organisation and Working
By Cheena Gambhir

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Consumer is King - Know Your Rights and Remedies, (In Hindi)
By Rajyalakshmi Rao
  1st Edition, 2009
The adage ``Consumer is King`` was an alien concept in our society till about two decades ago. Peoples perceptions however, began changing slowly with the enactment of The Consumer Protection Act in 1986. The economic...

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Consumer Sales Law: The Law Relating to Consumer Sales and Financing of Goods
By John MacLeod, James Devenney
  2nd New edition
Fully updated and revised, this comprehensive and informative textbook provides readers with an overview of current consumer sales law and equips them with a view of how this fast-changing subject has, and will...

Paperback / softback: Rs. 4,699.00
Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Indian Consumer Banking
By Jyoti Sharma
  1st Edition, 2007
The business of banking has been moving rapidly in recent years to a one stop shop of varied financial services to maximize satisfaction of the consumer and generate loyalty so as to be more competitive. The challenge...

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