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Law of Insurance - Dealing with all branches of Insurance
By B N Banerjee
The Insurance business is at the take-off stage of galloping expansion in India. Sky is the limit for expansion of this business. There is insurance for anything that we can imagine. The last Edition was published in...

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Law of Insurance (with CD-ROM)
By J.V.N. Jaiswal
  2008 Edition
This latest work from J.V.N. Jaiswal is a most comprehensive commentary on the subject of insurance. With an in-depth analysis of every facet of insurance, the author has attempted to provide the entire...

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Law of Insurance
By Avtar Singh
Law of Insurance by Dr. Avtar Singh is an outstanding book which explains the Insurance Law in the most coherent...

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Private International Law of Reinsurance and Insurance
By Raymond Cox, QC, Louise Merrett, Marcus Smith...
The first book dedicated to this subject, Private International Law of Reinsurance and Insurance provides a practical and easy-to-use reference in this complex area of law. This book provides a clear and useful guide to...

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Marine Insurance
Marine Insurance: The Law in Transition

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MacGillivray on Insurance Law
  25 Sep 2012
Essential for insurers and their brokers, MacGillivray on Insurance Law is a classic work which deals with insurance risks and takes into account the key legislative developments and judicial decisions...

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Insurance Law
By John Lowry, Philip Rawlings and Robert Merkin

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Colinvaux and Merkin's Insurance Contract Law
By Professor Robert M. Merkin, Raoul Colinvaux
  Revised edition
This major new work is a complete rewriting of the long-established and authoritative text Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, combined with Professor Merkin's own highly regarded work Insurance Contract Law. This is a three...

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Insurance & Reinsurance
  09 Aug 2012
The insurance market has weathered the financial storm much better than many other parts of the financial services industry. However, the sector is increasingly a focus for the attention of legislators...

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