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Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest(1996-2000) (in 5 Volumes) Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest(1996-2000) (in 5 Volumes)
Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest(1996-2000) (in 5 Volumes)
by Surendra Malik and Sumeet Malik
Edition: 2007 Edition
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Product Details:
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 5603 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: english
ISBN: 8170128984
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 2.2 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: AB/898
Date Added: 2007-09-07
Search Category: Lawbooks

A thorough and complete index of the entire case-law of the period presented in the most analytical and exhaustive manner This Quinquennial Digest provides an accurate, comprehensive and dependable source for the entire Supreme Court case-law for the period 1996-2000 as reported in SCCTM and other important journals. The 5 years consolidated material makes possible a more detailed and elaborate synopsis and analysis, with useful editorial notes and annotations wherever relevant. The trend in the decisions is easily visible and appreciable.

Special Features

  • Three search methods for relevant and comprehensive case-law precedents:-
    • Statute Approach
    • Topic Approach - with Synopsis to facilitate quick search
    • Case-Method Approach - a unique method that enables research starting from any known case and finding all connected cases therefrom.
  • Cross citations of law reports like SCCTM, AIR, ITR, Comp Cas, LLJ, LabIC, SLR, FLR, SLJ, ELT, STC, CriLJ, LLN, etc. and also of provincial reports wherever relevant.
  • Thorough Analysis - Maximum law points from each case. Most comprehensive coverage of case-law.
  • Grouping of statutes of different States on same subject - To reveal the underlying principles of that topic. Moreover, all the law on a topic at one place saves time, saves labour. Yet with Quick Guides you can get the citations then and there.
  • Bench strength and coram - Helps in determining preponderant view where rulings are conflicting.
  • Date of decision - To help decide which is the later view among different rulings.
Used along with and as update volumes to the Supreme Court Decennial Digest 1981 to 1990; the Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest 1991-1995 and Supreme Court Yearly Digests for the period 2001 to 2006, this work will give the reader the advantage of the most comprehensive study of all the rulings of the years 1981-2006.

Additional Features
  • Non-Statutory subjects have been given independent standing of their own and not unrealistically placed under statutory provisions.
  • The all comprehensive topic 'Words and Phrases' takes care of minute aspects and is a convenient reference point.
  • Where the number of rulings under any article, section or sub-topic are several, they have been, for convenience of reference, further sub-divided under minor topic headings and a synopsis added for quick reference.
  • An excellent noter-up on overruled, distinguished, followed, etc. cases to know true strength and latest position of any ruling.
  • Valuable editorial notes and comments given where felt necessary.
  • Annotations below digest notes also give clues to cases intimately connected.
  • Excellent paper, printing and binding makes this a prized collection for every law library and a useful and prudent investment at a very affordable and reasonable price.
  • Unique, time saving features give value for money. With its many unique and special features that are not available in any other digest, this is the most outstanding and reliable work available in the market today.

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