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Environmental Law
By S C Shastri
The present seventh edition of this greatly admired publication on Environmental Law by Prof. S.C. Shastri has been thoroughly revised and updated with all statutory and case...

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Sentencing Principles
By J K Verma
Sentencing Principles by Dr. J.K. Verma takes stock of the current practice and procedure of sentencing in India and presents Model Sentencing...

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Avtar Singh's Negotiable Instruments: An Introduction
By Deepa Paturkar
This new edition of Dr. Avtar Singh’s Negotiable Instruments has been thoroughly revised with the latest statutory developments, specifically the Negotiable Instruments...

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Legal Studies: Class XII ISC
By Vijay Kumar Singh
  1st Edition, 2022
Dr VK Singh’s Legal Studies Class XII for ISC is the second book in the series for High School students covering various topics of law in seven units and several chapters Though...

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Inter-State River Water Disputes Act - Genesis, Evolution and Analysis
By K. K. Lahiri
“The present book fills a void in legal literature with great aplomb. Not only is this book the only compendium of all laws relatable to inter State...

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Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
By Udai Raj Rai
Constitutional Law: Governance Structure is an authoritative book dealing with the structure of government that the Indian Constitution has erected for the country’s...

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Ahmad Siddique's Criminology, Penology and Victimology
By S.M.Afzal Qadri
The present seventh edition of the immensely popular and authoritative work, Ahmad Siddique’s Criminology, Penology and Victimology has been thoroughly revised and updated in...

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How Gourango Lost His O
By Sanjoy Ghose
From the boondocks of the Sundarbans to the hallowed corridors of the Supreme Court of India, and everywhere in between, comes this insightful and humourous...

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Third Party Funding of Dispute Resolution
By Kritika Krishnamurthy and Anuroop Omkar
  1st Edition, 2022
This book takes a holistic approach to third-party funding in India and has something for everyone, from the practitioners and adjudicators to arbitration counsels or arbitrators...

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