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Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers
Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers
by Indu Bhan
Edition: 2015
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Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers
R.V. Kelkar Lectures on  Criminal Procedure by Dr. K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai
The Ultimate Guide to the Judicial Services Examination 2017? For all States (Includes Questions on new Juvenile Justice Act, 2015)
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Product Details:
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Random House India
Language: English
ISBN: 978-8184006353
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 3.66 CM X 16 CM
Date Added: 2016-07-21
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

 Indian judicial system has garnered worldwide fame through its historical and remarkable judgements and the hard work of its judges and lawyers rarely catches the glaze of common public. Legal Eagle tries to bridge this gap. Indu Bhan’s 'Legal Eagles: Stories of top seven Indian lawyers’ traces the story of the top seven lawyers in India. Lawyers, as we commonly perceive, are not just shrewd intellectuals but much more. It takes more than just intelligence to become a successful lawyer. It takes years of practice, extensive studies and professionalism which set the absolutely outstanding lawyers from the general ones. Their life and career graph is full of crusts and troughs and this book gives an insight into it.

Legal Eagles is an exciting read for all the budding lawyers and for all those who are interested in knowing about the life and struggle of great lawyers and how they achieve success in life through sheer grit and hard work . The top seven lawyers chosen by Indu Bhan as the subjects of her book are well known lawyers and have prolific personality worthy to be written about. The seven lawyers whose life and career has found a mention in the book are Harish Salve, Prashant Bhushan, Rohinton Nariman, Mukul Rohatgi, Abhishek Sangvi, CA Sundaram and Arvind Datar. A common link between all seven of them is that they all have been or are applying their trade in the Supreme Court of India. While some of them like Prashant Bhushan, Rohinton Nariman and Mukul Rohatgi carried on their family legacy of being lawyer, other like Harish Salve and Arvind Datar accidently landed upon this profession and are now the stalwarts of legal practice. Legal Eagles is filled with several details of high profile cases handled by these lawyers like Coalgate, Vodafone Tax Case etc. and also explains the psychological and emotional impact that these cases had on them. Not just their professional career, but we also catch a glimpse of their personal life in this book. We get a personal view of the life of these seven legal eagles of India as the author talks about their background, mentors, turning points in their life, what was their way to success, their struggles, daily routine etc. This book is available for sale online and can be purchased at Amazon.in now

About the author

Indu Bhan is a special correspondent at “The Indian Express” and one of their leading columnists. The book’s foreword has been written by Justice R.M. Lodha, Former Chief Justice of India and critically acclaimed by Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India. 

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