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Acing Internships - A Practical Guide
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Acing Internships - A Practical Guide

by Joshua Nathan Aston
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 264 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789387487826, 9788119114085
Dimensions: 18 X 3 X 17 CM
Publisher Code: AC/782, EA/774, AF/408
Date Added: 2023-05-01
Search Category: Textbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


As internship is an initial step towards a professional career which gives an overview of the professional life and the work environment, the present work by the learned author guides the law students step by step through the entire process of internship.


“…this book will be a must-book for all law students, teachers, internships/placement coordinators and offices and institutions, firms, corporate houses and organisations hosting interns.”-   Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Director, Gujarat National Law University, Member, Law Commission of India


" Will recommend to students."-  Sunil Arya, Asst. Professor, VIPS, New Delhi.


" Recommended to all green students coming in the law fraternity. I find it very informative for them as Internships also play a significant role to learn practical aspects".- Shraddha Kadam, Faculty at BVDU

" I have no doubt the book will be of great assistance to the students.This book on Acing Internships covers all significant contents like preparing for the internship, social etiquettes during internship, what law interns do during internships, using social networking websites etc. most importantly speaks on the need of hour i.e. converting internships into a job offer."- Dr. Fakkiresh S. Sakkarnaikar, Assistant Prof. of Law, GNLU, Gandhinagar.



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Table Of Contents:


Chapter 1 Basics of an Internship
1.1. Introduction: What is an Internship?
1.2. Importance of an Internship
1.2.1. Law Internships and its Importance
1.2.2. Learning Objectives of Internship
1.2.3. Activities involved in Internships
1.3. Moulding the Career
1.4. Structuring Internships in Law School
1.4.1. Year-wise Internship options for Law Students
1.4.2. Internship with NGOs and Research Organisations
1.4.3. Internship with Trial Courts or Lower Courts
1.4.4. Internship with High Courts / Supreme Court
1.4.5. Internship with a Law Firm / Company
1.5. Exploring Career Options and Benefits
1.6. CV and Cover Letter
1.6.1. Difference between a Resume and a CV
1.6.2. How to make a Perfect Resume
1.6.3. How to finalise a suitable layout of resume
1.6.4. How to make a Cover Letter for Internship
1.6.5. Things to be remembered while preparing a cover letter
1.6.6. Sample CV and Cover Letter
1.7. Applying for an Internship
1.8. Making Final Application
1.9. Follow up on Internship
1.10. Preparing for an Internship Interview
1.10.1. Standard Interview Questions in Internship
1.11. The Interview Process
1.11.1. Difference between Traditional and Competency-based Interviews
1.12. NLU - Non-NLU students and Internships
Chapter 2 Preparing for the Internship
2.1. Introduction
2.2. First Day of Internship
2.3. Attire / Dress Code during Internship
2.4. Becoming a Perfect Intern
Chapter 3 Social Etiquettes During Internship
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Socializing
3.3. Networking
Chapter 4 Converting Internship into Job Offer
4.1. All About The Professional Skills: Turning Internship Into A Job
4.1.1. Performance and Hard work
4.1.2. Being Proactive and a Go-Getter
4.1.3. Considering internship as a full time job
4.1.4. Punctuality
4.1.5. Frequent meeting with Supervisor
4.1.6. Improving on the weak areas
4.1.7. Identifying the strengths
4.2. Strategies for turning Internships into Job Opportunities
4.2.1. Discussing the Future Career
4.2.2. Learning new skills
4.2.3. Best Behaviour and Interactions with everyone
4.2.4. Keeping a Positive Attitude
4.2.5. Share your ideas
4.2.6. Being a Team player
4.2.7. Keeping track of the Accomplishments
4.2.8. Collecting the Contact details of the Supervisor / Senior Personnel / HR Manager
4.2.9. Expressing Gratitude
4.2.10. Keeping in Touch
4.3. Self-evaluation of Internship Experience
4.4. Getting a Reference or Letter of Recommendation
4.5. Conclusion
Chapter 5 All About Communication Skills
5.1. What is Communication?
5.2. Key Communication Skills
5.2.1. Speaking or Oratory Skills
5.2.2. Listening Skills
5.2.3. Writing Skills
5.2.4. Body Language
5.2.5. Presentation Skills
5.3. Barriers in Communication
5.3.1. Psychological barriers
5.3.2. Physiological barriers
5.3.3. Physical barriers
5.3.4. Language barriers
5.4. Overcoming the Barriers in Communication
5.5. Conclusion
Chapter 6 Prestigious Legal Internships
6.1. Introduction
6.2. International Legal Internships
6.2.1. United Nations, Office of Legal Affairs (UN-OLA)
6.2.2. Human Rights Watch (HRW)
6.2.3. Amnesty International
6.2.4. International Commission of Jurists, Geneva
6.2.5. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
6.2.6. Internship Opportunities at International Labour Organisation (ILO)
6.2.7. International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
6.2.8. United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
6.2.9. United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
6.2.10. International Court of Justice
6.2.11. International Criminal Court
6.3. Prestigious Internships in India
6.3.1. Judicial Clerkships
6.3.2. LAMP Fellowship
6.3.3. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
6.3.4. Law Commission of India
6.3.5. National Commission for Women (NCW)
6.3.6. Central Information Commission (CIC)
6.3.7. Competition Commission of India (CCI)
6.3.8. National Green Tribunal (NGT)
6.3.9. Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT)
6.3.10. NITI Aayog
6.3.11. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
6.3.12. Greenpeace
6.3.13. National Legal Services (NALSA)
6.3.14. Eastern Book Company
6.4. Important List of Lawyers and Law Firms
6.4.1. Senior Supreme Court Lawyers
6.4.2. Law Firms
6.5. Conclusion

Annexure I Internship Review and Experience Sharing by Employers

Annexure II Internship Review and Experience Sharing by Interns

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