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Law & Medicine
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Law & Medicine

by Nandita Adhikari
Edition: 4th Edition 2015, Reprint 2023
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Law & Medicine
Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 <br>Bare Act (Print/eBook)</br>
Health Law
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Central Law Publication
Language: English
ISBN: 9789384961336
Dimensions: 23 X 2.50 X 16 CM
Publisher Code: 9789384961336
Date Added: 2023-08-08
Search Category: Textbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


The relationship of medicine with law is age old and multi- faceted. Law and Medicine are both subjects with inherent dynamism. They evolve with ongoing research and advancement in technology expanding the dimensions further. This book is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the relationship of law with medicine and its eventual growth. An attempt is made to address the new and emerging areas in this field such as surrogacy, donation and transplantation of human organs, management of bio-medical waste, etc. All relevant legislations, case laws and international documents in the field have also been made part of this edition. This book will surely be of help to the students and also be of interest to the teachers, medical and health care professionals and policy makers.?

Table Of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Regulation of Medical and Paramedical Profession
  • Chapter 3 - Liability of Professional Negligence
  • Chapter 4 - Regulation of Manufacture, Storage, and Sale of Medicines
  • Chapter 5 - Medical Science and Technology
  • Chapter 6 - Population Control and Community Health
  • Chapter 7 - Surrogate Motherhood
  • Chapter 8 - AIDS
  • Chapter 9 - The Unborn
  • Chapter 10 - International Norms
  • Chapter 11 - Bio-Medical Waste
  • Chapter 12 - Mental Health
  • Chapter 13 - Experiments of Human Beings
  • Chapter 14 - Hospital Management
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