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Health Law
By Ishita Chatterjee
  1st Edition 2019, Reprint 2023

Paperback: Rs. 450.00  Rs. 383.00
Law & Medicine
By Nandita Adhikari
  4th Edition 2015, Reprint 2023
The relationship of medicine with law is age old and multi- faceted. Law and Medicine are both...

Paperback: Rs. 430.00  Rs. 366.00
Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical Jurisprudence in Hindi) (Print on Demand)
By Basanti Lal Babel
  6th Edition, 2014
Free PDF Download Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical...

Paperback: Rs. 875.00
Food Security Law - Interdisciplinary Perspectives
By Prof. Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Dr. Ranita Nagar
  1st Edition, 2014
This book delves into the features of the landmark legislation, the National Food Security Act, 2013 and adopts a multidisciplinary...

eBOOK: Rs.485.00 Rs.364.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.485.00 Rs.412.00 |
An Ageing Scenario - The Challenges, Issues & Concerns
By Smita Roy

Paperback: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 316.00
Child Health Law
By Bhupinder Singh
  1st Edition, 2016
This book is a valuable contribution to contemporary legal literature, providing deep insights into the interface between law and health, highlighting emerging...

Hardback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00
Health Law
By S R Myneni
  1st Edition, 2022

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
Medical Law
By Bindumol V C
  3rd Edition, 2023

Paperback: Rs. 325.00  Rs. 293.00
A Compendium On Health Laws
By Sanyukta Moitra, Chandrani Chatterjee and Dip...
  1st Edition, 2023

Paperback: Rs. 325.00  Rs. 276.00