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B.M. Gandhi's Family Law Volume 1
By SCC Editorial
Volume 1 of the current second edition of this comprehensive work has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest case...

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Vivah Evam Talaak Vidhi (Law of Marriage and Divorce in Hindi)
By Basanti Lal Babel
  2nd Edition, 2017
The book on “Law of Marriage and Divorce” by the learned author Basanti Lal Babel discusses at length the law relating to...

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B.M. Gandhi's Hindu Law
By Sumeet Malik

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Muslim Law
By Syed Khalid Rashid
This immensely popular, comprehensive work lucidly explains the principles of law governing muslims in...

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B M Gandhi's Family Law Volume 2
By Sarasu Esther Thomas

Family Law Vol 2:
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Offences against Children and Juvenile Offence
By S S Singh
  2nd Edition, 2022
Textbook on Offences against children and Juvenile Offence

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Modern Hindu Law
By Paras Diwan
  26th Edition, 2023

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Mohammedan Law
By Aqil Ahmad
  27th Edition, 2021
Written in a lucid, yet compendious manner, exclusively for law students and judicial aspirants.Critical study of The Wakf (Amendment) Act, 2013.Meticulous...

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Engendering Law  (Treatise on Women and Law)
By Amita Dhanda, Archana Parashar
  1999 with 2007 Supplement
The present wok 'Engendering Law ' is a volume of collected essays addressing 'gender ' in the context of the constitution, criminal law and procedure, labour, consumer protection,...

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