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The Reform Decade: Corporate and Commercial Law in India
By Umakanth Varottil, Mihir Naniwadekar, V Niran...
  1st Edition 2019, Reprinted 2023
This Scholarly work inspired from the IndiaCorpLaw Blog captures the milestones in corporate and commercial law in India during the last decade.

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Patent Prosecution: Practice and Procedure
By Mathew Thomas
Patent Prosecution: Practice and Procedure by Mathew Thomas is an authoritative textbook on this subject. The book provides an overview of patent...

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Goods and Services Tax: Law and Practice
By Milind Kumar
  1st Edition, 2019
About the Author: Milind Kumar is a renowned M Sc gold medallist, a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, a graduate from CLC, Delhi University. He has a...

eBOOK: Rs.995.00 Rs.746.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.995.00 Rs.846.00 |
Insider Trading - Law & Practice
By Armaan Patkar
  1st Edition, 2019
Insider Trading: Law and Practice by Armaan Patkar is a pioneering work on the subject, serves as a comprehensive...

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Due Diligence
By Hemant K Batra
Hemant K. Batra is a Strategist Business, Corporate, Commercial, and Policy Lawyer for nearly 3 decades. He is the elected vice-president of SAARCLAW and is associated with various projects of UN,...

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Goods And Services Tax - Constitutional Law and Policy
By Tarun Jain
  1st Edition, 2018
The present comprehensive treatise on the biggest ever tax-reform in India, the Goods and Services Tax, throws light upon...

eBOOK: Rs.1495.00 Rs.1121.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.1495.00 Rs.1271.00 |
Corporate Insolvency Law and Practice
By Sumant Batra
  1st Edition, 2017
Sumant is a respected professional and his knowledge and understanding of insolvency law is well-recognised. He has long international...

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P.L. Malik's Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 with Exhaustive notes on Dishonour of Cheques
By Sumeet Malik
  3rd Edition, 2016
The work covers Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 alongwith exhaustive notes on Dishonour of Cheques.

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P. L. Malik's Industrial Law (Covering Labour Law in India) (2 Volumes with Free CD-ROM)
By Sumeet Malik
P.L. Malik\'s Industrial Law is an encyclopaedia of laws relating to Labour and Industry. The current 25th edition of this monumental work has been thoroughly revised and updated in the light of...

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