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B.M. Gandhi's Family Law Volume 1
By SCC Editorial
  2nd Edition 2019, Reprinted 2023
Volume 1 of the current second edition of this comprehensive work has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest case...

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B M Gandhi's Family Law Volume 2
By Sarasu Esther Thomas
  2nd Edition, 2023

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Family Law Lectures - Family Law I
By Poonam Pradhan Saxena
  1st Edition, 2021
Family Law-I deals with laws governing marriage and matrimonial remedies of nullity, restitution of conjugal rights, judicial separation and divorce, and ancillary remedies of maintenance, legitimacy, adoption,...

Paperback: Rs. 895.00  Rs. 761.00
Family Law
By Paras Diwan
  13th Edition, 2023

Paperback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00
Family Law 1
By Dr. S.R. Myneni
  1st Edition, 2022
Family Law 1 ( Marriage , Matrimonial Relief , Adoption And Guardianship Of Hindus , Muslims , Christians And Parsees 1st Edn. 2022

Paperback: Rs. 900.00  Rs. 810.00
Family Law-I
By Shivani Goswami
  1st Edition 2018, Reprinted 2023
The book extensively and comprehensively deals with the concept of marriage and divorce amongst Hindus and Muslims, maintenance under Hindu Law and Muslim Law, Guardianship under Hindu and...

Paperback: Rs. 290.00  Rs. 247.00
Family Law Lectures - Family Law II
By Poonam Pradhan Saxena
  5th Edition, 2021
Family Law Lectures II is an exhaustive publication on the law relating to property and succession. It covers all major aspects relating to Hindus, Muslims, Christians,...

Paperback: Rs. 850.00  Rs. 723.00
Family Law 2
By Dr. S. R. Myneni
  1st Edition, 2022
Family Law 2 ( Family Property , Partitition , Succession , Gifts And Wills Of Hindu , Muslim And Christian Systems ) 1st Edn. 2022

Paperback: Rs. 810.00  Rs. 689.00
Family Law-II
By Dr Shivani Goswami
  1st Edition, 2021
Family Law II, Paperback, Prof. (Dr.) Shivani Goswami, Archana Mishra

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 225.00