Judicial Process Precedent in Indian Law
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Judicial Process Precedent in Indian Law
by A. Lakshminath
Edition:3rd Edition, 2009, Reprinted 2012
Contents of the Book
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About the Book

The book is a study of the judicial process in India, and addresses serious students of judicial process and such of the Indian lawyers who wish to acquire knowledge of the working of one of the legal material sources of law in the common law world viz., case-law or 'precedent'. It serves to stimulate an awareness of the issues involved, and problems and ways of analysing and approaching them in the broad field of law, courts, and judges. It goes on to study the role of 'precedent' in the Indian Legal system, and how its various components-rules, people and institutions mutually interact. The author makes allowance for the fact that the readers' knowledge of the subject may vary considerably, and hence treats the subject accordingly. While dealing with the institutional aspects and sociological perspective of stare decisis in the Indian context, the book discusses the complexities of ratio decidendi and styles of judicial law making and law declaring functions of the Supreme Court with extensive discussion of prospective overruling.

The third edition of this scholarly exposition is more exhaustive and comprehensive in its coverage of the subject. The author made sincere efforts to incorporate the latest case law. Hon'ble justice R.C. Lahoti, former Chief Justice of India has quoted this book in his judgments.

The work is a must for the judge on the bench, the practicing lawyer, and the keen student of law. It will be a welcome addition to any law library.


  • Indian Law Institute
    A reading of the whole book by the learned author is enlightening. He has taken us through the various important decisions of the Supreme Court in the perspective of the system of precedents. In the process of this review, one does get a proper assessment of the particular cases and an all sided examination of their importance and effect. It is a pleasure to have such a book at hand so that the relative importance of each such decision is properly understood in the context of other decisions constituting the system of precedents. All important aspects of the system of precedents working in India have been painstakingly considered.
  • Kerala Law Times :
    Packed into its pages are extensive discussions on the subject. The work is a well written and well organised collection of good ideas.
  • All India Reporter :
    It is an excellent and valuable addition to legal literature.
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Judicial Process Precedent in Indian Law