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Moral Issues in Intelligence-led Policing Moral Issues in Intelligence-led Policing
Moral Issues in Intelligence-led Policing
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Contributors: Helene Oppen Gundhus (Norwegian Police University College, Norway), Kira Vrist Ronn (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Nick Fy
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Language: English
Dimensions: 23.00 X 0.79 X 16.00
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Publisher Code: 9780415373791
Date Added: 2018-08-05
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The core baseline of Intelligence-led Policing is the aim of increasing efficiency and quality of police work, with a focus on crime analysis and intelligence methods as tools for informed and objective decisions both when conducting targeted, specialized operations and when setting strategic priorities. This book critically addresses the proliferation of intelligence logics within policing from a wide array of scholarly perspectives. It considers questions such as:

  • How are precautionary logics becoming increasingly central in the dominant policing strategies?
  • What kind of challenges will this move entail?
  • What does the criminalization of preparatory acts mean for previous distinctions between crime prevention and crime detection?
  • What are the predominant rationales behind the proactive use of covert cohesive measures in order to prevent attacks on national security?
  • How are new technological measures, increased private partnerships and international cooperation challenging the core nature of police services as the main providers of public safety and security?

This book offers new insights by exploring dilemmas, legal issues and questions raised by the use of new policing methods and the blurred and confrontational lines that can be observed between prevention, intelligence and investigation in police work.

Table Of Contents:

Introduction ( Nicholas R. Fyfe, Helene O.I. Gundhus and Kira Vrist Ronn )

Part I: The proliferation of intelligence-led policing

1. Police practices in the age of precaution: A moral typology ( Vidar Halvorsen )

2. Investigation or instigation? Enforcing grooming legislation ( Heidi Mork Lomell )

3. Predicting crime? On challenges to the police in becoming knowledgeable organizations ( Nadja K. Hestehave )

Part II: New logics - new measures?

4. The preventive use of surveillance measures in the protection of National security: A comparative analysis of Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish legislation ( Ingvild Bruce )

5. On the hunt: Aspects of the use of communication control in Norway ( Paul Larsson )

6. The professional ethics of intelligence: On the feasibility of ethics as internal self-regulation of intelligence activities ( Kira Vrist Ronn )

Part III: Innovations and new technologies

7. The co-construction of crime predictions: Dynamics between digital data, software and human beings ( Mareile Kaufmann )

8. Grey zone creativity: The case of proactive policing ( Mia R.K. Hartmann )

Part IV: Outsourcing police work

9. Plural policing webs: Unveiling the various forms of partnering and knowledge exchange in the production of nightlife territoriality ( Thomas Friis Sogaard and Esben Houborg )

10. Privatization of intelligence-led policing: Auditors doing forensic work ( Janne Flyghed )

Part V: Joining forces

11. Negotiating risks and threats: Securing the border through the lens of intelligence ( Helene O. I. Gundhus )

12. The changing ecology and equity of policing: Some implications of reconfiguring boundaries in an era of police reform ( Nicholas R. Fyfe )

Part VI: Old crimes, new ways

13. Policy making without politics: Overstating objectivity in intelligence-led policing ( Annette Vestby )

14. Banning and banishing outlaw motorcycle gangs ( Synnove Jahnsen )


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