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Human Rights: Contemporary Issues Human Rights: Contemporary Issues
Human Rights: Contemporary Issues
by V.K. Ahuja
Edition: 2019
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Format: Hardback/eBook
Pages: 720 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789388822299
Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.3 x 2.9 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/229, EA/1148
Date Added: 2019-11-08
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Jurisdiction: Indian

Human Rights: Contemporary Issues is a Festschrift in the honour of well-known jurist Professor Upendra Baxi, who contributed substantially to the human rights jurisprudence over the years. The Festschrift deals with contemporary issues of human rights and incorporates the latest developments till date. The Festschrift is a compendium of 30 papers on diverse themes on human rights.

The themes of the book include latest judgments of the Supreme Court on privacy, passive euthanasia, transgender, triple talaq, Sabarimala and Delhi High Court judgment on beggars. The papers thus discuss human rights angle with diverse areas, such as intellectual property rights, demonetisation, privacy, begging, euthanasia, animal rights, Statelessness, disabilities, environment, acid attack, Indus Water Treaty, UNCLOS for landlocked States, to name a few.

The Festschrift has Foreword by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and a contribution from Justice A.K. Sikri of the Supreme Court.

The Festschrift is unique in itself as it incorporates qualitative contributions by well-known Judge of the Supreme Court and academicians from all over the country and abroad on contemporary issues of human rights.

The contributors include Justice A.K. Sikri, Prof. Moolchand Sharma, Prof. S.K. Verma, Prof. Vijender Kumar, Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Prof. T.S.N. Sastry, Prof. Amber Prasad Pant, Prof. Amar Pal Singh, Prof. V.C. Vivekanandan, Prof. V.G. Hegde, Prof. Furqan Ahmad, and Dr V.K. Ahuja.



Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases 

Expanding Human Rights Jurisprudence with the Aid of Dignity Concept Justice A.K. Sikri 


Right to Dignity as Human Rights: Recent Trends Vijay P. Tiwari 

Human Rights Approach to Intellectual Property Rights V.K. Ahuja 

Right to Development as Human Rights in African Perspectives Manoj Kumar Sinha .

Where do the Human Rights Movement and Animal Rights Movement Meet? Manju Chellani 

Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples S.K. Verma

Protection to Victims of Acid Attacks: A Human Rights Perspective Vijender Kumar; Vidhi Singh 


Right to Access for Visually Impaired Persons as a Human Right Obligation: An Overview of Marrakesh Treaty V.C. Vivekanandan

Human Rights of Muslim Women in the Garb of Muslim Law: Prof. Upendra Baxi’s Contribution Furqan Ahmad 

Protection of Human Rights of Sexual Minorities: Accepting the Unaccepted Archa Vashishtha; Parthvi Ahuja 

New Dimensions of Human Right to Privacy and its Future Implications Amrendra Kumar Ajit 

Human Rights and Inclusive Responsibility of Corporate Entities T.S.N. Sastry; T. Anoosha Madhu Kiran 

UNCLOS 1982 as a Means to Promote Human Rights in Landlocked Countries Amber Prasad Pant

Indus Water Treaty and Human Rights Obligations V.G. Hegde 

The Right to a Dignified Death: A New Human Right Yogesh Pratap Singh; Nachiketa Mittal 

Faith, Food and Secularism: A Human Rights Approach Arvind P. Bhanu .


Prof. Upendra Baxi’s Universe of Human Rights Jurisprudence: Some Glimpses Moolchand Sharma 

Balancing the Civil Liberties of Accused with Human Rights of Victims of Terrorism: A Study of Supreme Court cases in India Anurag Deep 

Statelessness and Inclusion: A Human Rights Perspective K.M. Parivelan

Role of United Nations and Indian Legal System for the Protection of Human Rights of Children Ajay Sonawane 

Traditional Knowledge: Differentiation with Geographical Indications and Plant Variety Protection and Concerns from Human Rights Perspective Gargi Chakrabarti . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Upendra Baxi on the Imperatives of Human Rights and Climate Justice Sam Adelman

Transparency as a Human Right in International Investment Arbitration Jaya Vasudevan Suseela


Reproductive Rights of Women with Disabilities Neha Aneja 

Business and Human Rights: Examining Occupational Health Hazards and Diseases B. Bhavana Rao . 

Has Demonetisation Demolished Human Rights of Common Man? M. Vishwanath 

A Tribute to Prof. Upendra Baxi Amar Pal Singh; Zubair Ahmad Khan

Transition from Human Rights Commission to Human Rights Council: Whether the Successor Befits its Predecessor? Siddhartha Misra

Human Rights and Beggary in India: Analysing the Right to Beg in the Light of Judicial Pronouncements Guru Prakash

Substantiating Human Rights of Women Shivani Chauhan

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