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Supreme Court on Arbitration Collection by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik Supreme Court on Arbitration Collection by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
Supreme Court on Arbitration Collection by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
by Surendra Malik
Edition: 2013 Edition
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Supreme Court on Arbitration Collection by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
P C Markanda Arbitration- Step by Step
Mulla The Key to Indian Practice- A summary of the Code of Civil Procedure
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Pages: 1714 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789350287422
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This superb two-volume Encyclopaedia on the Law of Arbitration and Conciliation provides the most accurate, detailed, comprehensive and trustworthy source for the entire Supreme Court case law on the subject since 1950 till date with particular focus on exhaustively extracting every possible ruling of law on the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Several cases covered herein will not be found anywhere else.


In the last few years the burst of rulings by the Supreme Court on the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 have been extremely profuse and detailed, and clarify the precise scope of the various provisions of the 1996 Act in many landmark judgments, all of which have been meticulously digested herein. The rulings on the1996 Act have been extracted with utmost diligence, realising the vital importance that efficacious dispute resolution via arbitration plays in commerce and the economic development of the nation.


Volume 1 of the present work incorporates case law from 1950 to (2001) 4 SCC and Volume 2 covers case law up to (2012) 6 SCC. The unique features of the Encyclopaedia include elaborate cross-references, cross-citations of all important law reports, Bench strength and Coram details, date of decision, annotations and valuable editorial notes.


Additionally, the work provides the text of the important statutes dealing with Arbitration and Conciliation – 1) The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996; 2) The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1940; 3) The Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act, 1937; 4) The Foreign Awards (Recognition and Enforcement) Act,1961; 5) United Nations Commission of International Trade Law (UNCITRAL); 6) UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules; 7) UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules; 8) Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award.


This two-volume Encyclopaedia on the Law of Arbitration and Conciliation shall be found indispensible by Arbitrators, the Judiciary, the learned members of the Bar and all others who need the law of Arbitration and Conciliation.

Table Of Contents:

1. Generally

2. Andhra Pradesh Arbitration Rules, 2000

3. Appointment of Arbitrator

4. Appointment of Arbitrators by Chief Justice of

India Scheme, 1996

5. Arbitration Act, 1940

6. Arbitration Agreement/Clause

7. Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

8. Arbitration Ordinance (Hong Kong)

9. Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act, 1937

10. Arbitrator

11. Award

12. Compulsory/Statutory Arbitration

13. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of

Foreign Arbitral Awards at New York, 1958

14. Costs/Expense/Fees of Arbitration

15. English Arbitration Act, 1899

16. English Arbitration Act, 1996

17. Foreign Awards (Recognition and Enforcement)

Act, 1961

18. Government Contracts/Tenders

19. Gujarat Public Works Contracts Disputes Arbitration

Tribunal Act, 1992 (4 of 1992)

20. High Court of Karnataka Arbitration (Proceedings

before the Courts) Rules, 2001


21. Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) Maritime

Arbitration Rules

22. Institutional Arbitration

23. Interest

24. Interim Orders

25. International Arbitration

26. Jurisdiction

27. Limitation

28. M.P. Madhyastham Adhikaran Adhiniyam,

1983 (29 of 1983)

29. Misconduct

30. Multi-Tier Proceedings

31. Natural Justice

32. Practice and Procedure

33. Rules of Arbitration of Indian Council of Arbitration

34. Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of


35. Singapore International Arbitration Act, 2002

36. Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

Rules, 2010

37. Specific Contracts

38. UNCITRALModel Law on International Commercial

Arbitration, 1985


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