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O.P. Srivastava Principles of Criminal Law O.P. Srivastava Principles of Criminal Law
O.P. Srivastava Principles of Criminal Law
by Kumar Askand Pandey
Edition: 7th Edition, 2018
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback/eBook
Pages: 280 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351454755
Dimensions: 24*15*1 cm
Shipping Weight: 0.500(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/475, EA/668
Date Added: 2018-10-12
Search Category: Textbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

The book has assumed the status of a classic and the most distinctive feature of the book is its lucid treatment of the subject and brevity. At the same time, the text is so rich with relevant case law and material that the reader gets a fulsome idea about the issues discussed therein.

The current seventh edition has been exhaustively revised by Prof. K.A. Pandey in the light of the contemporary developments in Criminal Law.

Special Features:

  •  Explains lucidly the basic principles of criminal law through important cases.
  •  Thoroughly updated model questions and answers.
  •   Suggested readings and a detailed subject-index enhance the utility of the book.

Additional learning resources through www.ebcexplorer.com:–

    Access to important case law as indicated by Case PilotTM.

    Discussion ForumTM – Discuss and explore ideas, post comments, clear doubts and issues outside classroom.

—    SCC Online BlogTM–Blog to stay updated on recent happenings of the legal world. 

—    Useful LinksTMaccess to a compilation of other learning resources.




  • Central India Law Quarterly :
      The new developments either by legislation or by judicial decision have been incorporated at appropriate places...this book is a leading commentary on the principles of criminal law.


  • Academy Law Review :
      This is an outstanding text on the fundamental principles of Criminal Law. It provides lucid exposition of basic principles, substantiated by exhaustive discussion of leading cases. In short, this is the best guide to criminal law.


  • Cochin University Law Review :
    The author deserves appreciation in his attempt to analyse various principles of criminal law with the support of relevant case-law on some important aspects.
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  • George K Bose-Associate professor: 

        "Very concise and short. Useful for students and advocates".

  •  Dr. Sharanjit, Associate Professor of Law, RGNUL, Punjab:

        " The book has dealt with important aspects of criminal law in a very easy to understand language, can be of great help to the students and reserachers".

  •  Nirati Gupta, Asst. Professor, VSLLS:

         "In the 34th year of its publication, the book is a good discourse on concepts of criminal law for law students. The language is simple, but at the same time usage of correct legal terminology and use of good vocabulary words in favour of the book".

  •  Shraddha Kadam, Faculty at BVDU  

         "Content is good, it lucidly explains all important concepts of criminal law. Relevant case laws are also given for each topic.

  • Siddhi Suman, Assistant Professor, Tamil Nadu National Law University

          " The book overall quality is a good read for basic concepts and the use of simple english without the usage of frivolous floral language and extravagant words is refreshing.


Table Of Contents:

1. Historical Development 

2. Fundamental Elements of Crime   

3. Stages in Commission of a Crime  

4. Constructive Joint Criminality   

5.Abetment and Criminal Conspiracy   

6. Of Punishment  

7. General Exceptions 

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