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Business Law Collection - Set of 4 eBooks
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Business Law Collection - Set of 4 eBooks

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Product Details:

Format: eBook
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 3.66 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: EA/669, EA/670
Date Added: 2018-08-11
Search Category: ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian



1. India: The Business Opportunity:

The book India: The Business Opportunity highlights in eighteen chapters what every business entity must know to successfully enter and compete in one of the world's fastest-growing large economies. The potential opportunity in India is huge: it is home to a quarter of the world’s population, with a lively, cash-rich and rapidly expanding consumer class and relaxed regulatory restraints have opened India up to unprecedented levels of foreign investment. This book will help multinational corporations and the managers who work in them understand the implications of India’s current stage of development and develop strategies for effectively competing in this environment. 

2. Entrepreneurs' Legal Guide to Business:

Entrepreneurs’ Legal Guide to Business has been authored with the aim to familiarise the entrepreneurs with the basics of law relating to doing business in India. The work is written in an easy to understand, conversational, to-the-point style, shorn of legal jargon.

3. J V N Jaiswal's Law of Insurance (Volume I and II) :

Over the past two decades, there have been a number of important developments in the areas of liability, property, and life and health insurance that have significantly changed insurance law. Accordingly, the Second Edition of “Law of Insurance” has been thoroughly revised, updated and enlarged with the latest case laws in order to offer the insurance law practitioners a broad perspective of both traditional insurance law concepts and cutting-edge legal issues affecting contemporary insurance law theory and practice. A detailed review and analyses of the decisions of Supreme Court, High Courts, National Consumer Disputers Redressal Commission and State Commissions has also been done. New chapters providing insight on the concepts of transit risk insurance and health insurance have been added in this book. A separate section on the concept of multiplier method has also been introduced and included under the Motor Vehicle Insurance chapter. Due to its large size, this book is now divided into two volumes: 

(1) Volume I contains the legal principles and provisions of the insurance law.

(2) Volume II of the book contains detailed and exhaustive discussion on different types of insurance that exist. 

The book also includes the entire statutory material in the sphere of insurance. Due to limitation of space only Insurance Act, 1938 has been included in the appendices of the book. Other statutory materials are being provided in the CD accompanied with this book.



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Table Of Contents:

This collection contains following ebooks:

1.Content:  Entrepreneurs' Legal Guide to Business (2016 Edition)


Section One
1. Decoding Delay: Analysis of Court Data 
Kishore Mandyam
Harish Narasappa
Ramya Sridhar Tirumalai
Kavya Murthy
2. Bringing the ‘E’ to Judicial Efficiency: Implementing
the e-Courts System in India
Atul Kaushik
3. Reaping the Benefits of the e-Courts System
Kishore Mandyam


Section Two
1. A Case of Self-Selection: Judicial Accountability and
Appointment of Judges
Raju Ramachandran
State of the Indian Judiciary x
2. Accountability in Judicial Administration 
Arun Sri Kumar
3. Karnataka High Court: People, Processes, Pendency 
M.V. Sundararaman
Varuni Mohan
4. Budgeting for the Judiciary 
Surya Prakash B.S.
5. International Experiences in Judicial Administration
Sandeep Suresh
6. Judicial Efficiency and Causes for Delay
Alok Prasanna Kumar
7. Evaluating Judicial Performance: A Comparative Perspective 
Vasujith Ram


Section Three
1. Wielding the Gavel: View from the Other Side
Gautam Patel
2. Never a Restful Moment: A View from the Bar
Arun Kumar K.
3. Playing the Waiting Game: A Lawyer’s Day in Court 
Anupama Hebbar
4. Behind the Bench: Perspectives of Court Clerks Shiva Hatti


Section Four
1. Access to Justice Survey: Introduction, Methodology, and Findings 
Harish Narasappa
Kavya Murthy
Surya Prakash B.S.
Yashas C. Gowda
In the Temple of Justice: A Survey Experience 
Ramya Sridhar Tirumalai
2. Paths to Justice: Impact of Access to Justice Surveys
on Judicial Reform 
Krithika Gururaj
3. Institutional Dimensions of ‘Access’ and ‘Justice’ Chandan Gowda
4. Indian Judiciary and Access to Justice: An Appraisal of Approaches Aparna Chandra
5. Institutionalising Justice: Gram Nyayalayas and Consumer Courts
Ashwini Obulesh
Appendix: Data Availability in High Courts




2.  Content: J V N Jaiswals Law of Insurance Volume I and II by Sumeet Malik

1. Life Insurance 
2. Salary Savings Scheme and Group Insurance 
3. Fire Insurance 
4. Burglary and Theft (including Robbery and Dacoity) 
5. Motor Vehicles Insurance 
6. Insurance of Livestock (Birds, Fishes, etc.) 
7. Damage Due to Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, etc.
8. Personal Accident Insurance 
9. Marine Insurance 
10. Medical Insurance 
11. Transit Risk Insurance 
12. Crop and Agriculture Insurance

3. Content: India: The Business Opportunity by Linda Spedding

1. Overview 
2. Entry Strategies and Foreign Investment Regulations 
3. Responsible Business: An Evolving Debate 
4. Reputation Risk Management When Doing Business
5. Mergers and Acquisitions 
6. Raising Equity Capital: Regulatory Framework 
7. Debt Financing 
8. Corporate Governance 
9. Labour and Employment Laws 
10. Intellectual Property Rights: Protection and Enforcement 
11. Competition Law 
12. Developing Infrastructure: The PPP Route 
13. Direct Tax 
14. Indirect Taxes 
15. Arbitration 
16. Aspects of Environmental Law 
17. Cyber Legal Frameworks and Business 
18. The Choice of India to do Business: Some Concluding Remarks

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