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Disciplinary Action against  Government Servants and its Remedies Disciplinary Action against  Government Servants and its Remedies
Disciplinary Action against Government Servants and its Remedies
by K. D. Srivastava
Edition: 6th Edition, 1990  with Supplement 1997
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Format: Hardcover/ebook
Pages: 1384 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 8170124298
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 8.03 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 1.896(Kg)
Publisher Code: B/429,AA/632, EA/1070
Date Added: 2019-02-13
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

This is a comprehensive, practical book dealing with such issues as dismissal, discharge, removal, suspension, reduction in rank, retrenchment, compulsory retirement, superannuation and resignation, etc., relating to Government Servants. The book retains its earlier, well-appreciated arrangement. Chapter V of the book deals with Appointment, Seniority and Promotion, and the laws relating to it has been widely discussed as they constitute an important aspect of employment. The last chapter on remedies has been thoroughly revised and enlarged particularly in view of the establishment of Central and State Tribunals.

The remedies available to an employee have been given a detailed, special treatment and all his rights have been explained clearly.

The subject of departmental enquiry has been dealt with comprehensively and the views of the courts on various issues have been given. The constitutional safeguards available to the government servant have also been explained. This popular work has always been in great demand.




  • Kerala Law Times :


      In the book under review, the exposition of the law endeavours to be clear and accurate, sparing no pains to tackle every question likely to arise under the Act. The author has taken note of recent decisions and incorporated them, wherever necessary, throughout the book. Providing as it does, a comprehensive and up-to-date commentary on the subject, Srivastava's book remains a very selective choice for the legal profession. In sum, it is a proud and prestigious possession for any Judge or practitioner having anything to do with service law.



  • Pioneer :


      ...the release of a comprehensive practical guide-book like the present one (which deals specifically and quite exhaustively with the extant law relating to disciplinary action that could be taken and the remedies available for them to government employees of all categories), is, at once, a most timely and welcome venture by the enterprising publishers of the book.



  • Madhya Pradesh Law Journal :


    The learned author has variably placed before the profession, an encyclopaedia on the subject of Disciplinary Action. There is hardly any topic, which has not been dealt with in this book. All relevant law has been reproduced. The commentary explains the leading cases on the subject.

Table Of Contents:
                   General 1
                   Government Employment and the Constitution 48
                   Pleasure Tenure 104
                   Public Service Commission 126
                   Appointment, Seniority and Promotion 142
                   Government Employees 251
                   Conditions of Service and Rules 324
                   Enquiry 392
                   Reasonable Opportunity 510
                   Penalties 605
                   Remedies 754

                   All India Services Act, 1951 883
                   Public Servants (Inquiries) Act, 1850 885
                   All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968 891
                   All India Services (Confidential Rolls) Rules, 1970 930
                   Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 944
                   Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1082
                   All India Services (Conditions of Service-Residuary Matters)
                   Rules, 1960 1194
                   Central Civil Services (Temporary Service) Rules, 1965 1196
                   All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969 1208
                   Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985 1250
                   Central Administrative Tribunal Rules, 1987 1278
                   SUBJECT INDEX 1293

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