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Constitutional Law: Governance Structure Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
× Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
by Udai Raj Rai
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Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
Constitutional Law
T K Tope  Constitutional Law of India
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789351454205, 9789394364561
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Constitutional Law: Governance Structure is an authoritative book dealing with the structure of government that the Indian Constitution has erected for the country’s governance. The second edition of the book essentially remains what it was intended to be and maintains the shape it had in the first edition.

The first chapter introduces the subject to the reader which helps him understand the Constitution in the correct perspective. The next few chapters discuss the three governing institutions which are executive, legislature and judiciary and their interrelationship. The book also examines the federal relations and the consequent problems that this distribution of powers gives rise to.

The term “The Constitution of India” was getting monopolised only by Part III of the Constitution, which relates to fundamental rights. The publication of the book clearly makes out that there are two aspects of the Constitution: its democratic and republican structure and the fundamental rights that it guarantees. The two pillars of the Indian constitutional system which are democracy and constitutionalism are discussed in detail in this book.

Apart from this, the book also examines some general issues relating to constitutional theory and constitutional governance. The author does not merely provide some material useful to examinees but also, defines what different aspects of the political and constitutional structure of the country are. The last few chapters deal with public services, Election Commission and constitutional change.

The second edition contains the latest statutory amendments and case laws including a detailed analysis of Jindal Stainless Ltd. v. State of Haryana (2017) 12 SCC 1, K.S. Puttaswamy (Aadhaar-5J.) v. Union of India (2019) 1 SCC 1 and other important cases. This book will be immensely useful to students of LLB and LLM. Professors, judges, advocates, researchers and those interested in acquiring knowledge of the subject will also find it beneficial. It will definitely be a prized collection for any library.

Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases

1. Constitution, Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism
2. A Brief View of the Constitution and Its Salient Features
3. Preamble
4. Doctrine of Separation of Powers
5. Executive
6. Mercy Power of the Executive and Executive Legislation
7. Legislature: Composition, Procedure and Privileges
8. Judiciary: Organisation of the Courts
9. Respective Powers and Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the High Courts
10. Federal Idea and an Overview of Indian Federalism
11. Centre–State Legislative Relations
12. Administrative Relations
13. Financial Relations
14. Emergency Provisions and Their Impact on Distribution of Powers
15. Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse Throughout the Territory of India
16. Civil Services and the Election Commission
17. Amendment of the Constitution
18. Judicial Review

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