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Intellectual Property Rights Manual
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Intellectual Property Rights Manual

by Sumeet Malik
Edition: 1st Edition, 2013, with Supplement 2015
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback
Pages: 1340 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351452300
Dimensions: 24 CM X 7.3 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: AC/230, EA/1531
Date Added: 2020-04-14
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


This very thorough and comprehensive manual, which meets the long felt need for an authoritative and complete work providing updated statutory materials on the law relating to Intellectual Property, has now been updated with a supplement

As the professionals like scientists, movie producers and designers apart from authors and publishers are becoming more and more aware of their rights; Intellectual property and protection of intellectual property are gaining importance every day.

The Copyright Act, 1957 has undergone major amendments. Patent filing and litigation is also growing in India and catching up with Copyright and Trademark litigation.  This Manual meets the long felt need for an authoritative and complete work on the subject which can provide the updated statutory materials on the subject. Twelve major statutes have been covered alongwith rules. Case law from not only India, but also from jurisdictions like the United States, UK, Singapore and Malaysia have been included. These countries having the same common law background, face similar issues. A Table of Cases and a detailed Index have been included to aid in finding the relevant material.

Special Points:

  • The statutes covered in the supplement include:–
  •  Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2014  
  • Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules, 2014  
  • Geographical Indications of Goods (Forms & Making an Appeal and Fees therefore) Rules, 2013
  •  Copyright Rules, 2013
  •  Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design (Amendment) Rules, 2012
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Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases

1.        Biological Diversity Act, 2002

2.        Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Extracts)

3.        Copyright Act, 1957

4.        Designs Act, 1911

5.        Designs Act, 2000

6.        Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999

7.        Intellectual Property Right Enforcement Rules, 2007

8.        Patents Act, 1970

9.        Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Act, 2001

10.      Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act, 2000

11.      Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958

12.   Trade Marks Act, 1999

13.   Abbreviations used in the subject index

Subject Index


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