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Cyber Crimes by Dr. Talat Fatima Cyber Crimes by Dr. Talat Fatima
Cyber Crimes by Dr. Talat Fatima
by Dr. Talat Fatima
Edition: 2nd Edition, 2016
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Format: eBook/Paperback
Pages: 752 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351453925
Dimensions: 24 CM X 2.9 CM X 15.7 CM
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Publisher Code: EA/826
Date Added: 2018-12-11
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Jurisdiction: Indian

The second edition of this widely appreciated work has been brought up-to-date to comprehensively cover the legal problems created by the internet, and examine ways in which these are dealt with under Indian law.
Topics covered include Digital Money, Internet Banking, Intellectual Property Rights, Cloud Computing, and new generation cyber crimes like Cyber Defamation, Cyber Bullying (harassing through Digital means), Cyber Stalking, Cyber Squatting (stealing the domain name), etc.


  • Fresh new topics covered include:
  • A new chapter devoted to the protection of intellectual property rights over the internet.
  • A new chapter on Internet Banking which addresses challenges faced by the banking industry such as phishing, vishing, smurfing, etc.
  • A new chapter on Cloud Computing which is envisioned as the next generation architecture of IT enterprise.
  • Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 has been thoroughly analysed and discussed in the light of recent observations of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.
  • Highlights the common principles which are used globally to regulate use of the net and compares it with the Indian scenario.
  • All statutory law and case law developments have been updated.
  • Other topics covered include Legal Liability in Cyberspace, Electronic Signatures and Crime, Information Technology Act, 2000, and SMS spoofing.

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" The book shows keen research and good interpretation of technical concept. - Nivedita B. Jadhav, Nashik (Maharashtra)

Table Of Contents:

1. The Communication Story
2. Nature of Cyber Crimes
3. Taxonomy of Cyber Crimes: An Overview
4. Pure Cyber Crimes
5. Power of Cloud Computing: A Unique Paradigm
6. Internet Banking and Cyber Infractions
7. Intellectual Property in Technological Perspective
8. Legal Liability in Cyberspace: Infringers and Criminals in Legal Entrenchment
9. Electronic Signatures and Crime
10. Legal Issues Involved in Countering Cyber Crimes
11. Cyber Crimes: Prevention and Enforcement Strategies
12. An Introduction to the Information Technology Act, 2000

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