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Administrative Law
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Administrative Law

by C K Thakker
Edition: 2nd Edition 2012, with Supplement, 2022
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Administrative Law
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 by C.K. Thakker (In 6 Enlarged Volumes)
P. L. Malik's Handbook of Labour and Industrial Law
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback/ eBook
Pages: 1480 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789390715091
Dimensions: 25.4 X 15.8 X 6.2 CM
Publisher Code: EA/2632, AE/509
Date Added: 2022-02-03
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Administrative Law by C.K. Thakker provides the correct, concise and complete view of the provision of Administrative Law and critical exposition of the principles involved therein.

The edition has been updated with new materials. The doctrine of Judicial Review has been dealt with exhaustively in the book. New doctrines, such as doctrines of estoppel, proportionality, legitimate expectation etc. have been discussed. Judicial remedies such as prerogative remedies of writs, constitutional remedies etc. have been highlighted. Certain new topics like protection of public property, sting operation etc. have also been considered.

This book is noteworthy for its treatment of the case law. On each topic, all relevant decisions of Indian Courts have been discussed with the relevant English and American decisions.


All in all this treatise stands out as one of the best scholarly and practical authorities on the subject.

- Kerala Law Times

Your contribution for India rivals that of Sir William Wade. I am keeping it in a foremost place in my library.

- Lord Denning

In short a large volume of valuable material has been compressed in this work.

- All India Reporter

Table of Contents:

  • Basic Constitutional Principles
  • Classification of Administrative Actions
  • Delegated Legislation
  • Natural Justice
  • Administrative Tribunals
  • Exclusion of Judicial Review
  • Administrative Discretion and Judicial Review
  • Judicial and Other Remedies
  • Liability of the Government
  • Public Corporations
  • Public Interest Litigation
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