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Central Administrative Tribunal Digest Central Administrative Tribunal Digest
× Central Administrative Tribunal Digest
Central Administrative Tribunal Digest
by Surendra Malik
Edition: 1997 (POD)
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Product Details:
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 912 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 8170126118
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 3 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 2.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: AB/577
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks

Volume I of this comprehensive digest covers the CAT cases reported in various journals during 1986 to 1994 with particular emphasis on Full Bench cases. Volume II covering the CAT cases reported during 1995-1996 complements the earlier CAT Digest of 1986-1994. Care has been taken to include all important cases, and each case has been thoroughly analysed and all law-points extracted from it.

The arrangement and plan of this digest basically follows the Topic approach viz. Under topics like Allowances, Appointment, Casual Labour, Compulsory Retirement, Confidential Report, Confirmation, Contempt of Court, Date of Birth, Deputation, Dismissal, Departmental Enquiry, Government Accommodation, Gratuity, Increment, Leave, Malafides, Misconduct, Natural Justice, Parity in employment, Pay, Pension, Post, Probation, Promotion, Punishment, Regularisation, Reinstatement, Reservation, Retirement, Seniority, Suspension, Termination, Transfer, etc.

Yet cross-references and citations are given for each and every service rule or regulation to which the case is related. Thus, the Statute approach through the title of the Act or Service Rule is also operative through the cross-reference system, which pin-points the exact topic and sub-topic headings, thereby making available other relevant rulings under other related service Rules.

The Table of Cases Digested and Noter-up enable search for other cases on the point and tracing subsequent developments. The uniqueness of this digest lies in the fact that it collects at one place all the cases on any particular topic/sub-topic though arising under different service rules. All the law on one subject brought together at one place enables complete study of all the rulings on that topic or sub-topic and thereby saves the reader 's time and labour.

Special Features

  • New case-method approach.
  • Cross-Citations of all important law reports.
  • Self-explanatory head-notes supported by excerpts from the judgment itself.
  • Accurate and Comprehensive.
  • Excellent Publication.



  • Hon 'ble Mr. Justice M.R. Kolhatkar [Member (Administrative), CAT, Mumbai Bench] : I have perused the contents of the Digest and I have had occasion to refer to the Digest on specific points of law in my day-to-day work. It is a very comprehensive Digest with a thorough index. I would consider it as a vade-mecum for CAT members. I would warmly commend the use of the Digest by all those concerned not only with C.A.T./S.A.T. 's but also with service jurisprudence in general.
  • Gujarat Law Reporter : The need for a digest was being strongly felt which has been fulfilled by this digest. The publication is also excellent. The digest will be helpful to those who are concerned with it.


Table Of Contents:

1. Administrative Law

2. Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985

3. Appointment

4. Date of Birth 

5. Departmental Enquiry

6. Misconduct

7. Natural Justice

8. Pension

9. Promotion

10. Punishment

11.Recruitment Process




15.Termination of Service

16.Transfer of Employee

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