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V.G. Ramachandrans  Law of Land Acquisition and Compensation <br>(Print On Demand)<br/>
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V.G. Ramachandrans Law of Land Acquisition and Compensation
(Print On Demand)

by (Revised by) G.C. Mathur
Edition: 8th Edition, 1995 (POD)
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V.G. Ramachandrans  Law of Land Acquisition and Compensation <br>(Print On Demand)<br/> 1 Reviews | Write A Review
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V.G. Ramachandrans  Law of Land Acquisition and Compensation <br>(Print On Demand)<br/>
Banking and Negotiable Instruments
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Product Details:

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1412 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: english
ISBN: 817012560X
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 8.19 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: A/560
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


V.G. Ramachandran's work is an undisputed authority on the subject. While covering all important decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Courts, the book traces the developments in the law on the subject and vividly brings out their effect. A detailed and elaborate case-law supplement has been added to the book.




  • National Institute of Construction Management and Research :


      This unique and comprehensive book should be available in the libraries of all law schools and management institutes, corporate offices of all companies and government offices, particularly those in the business of construction and infrastructure development.


  • Gujarat Law Reporter :


      This book covers the various important developments in the statute law and discusses analytically the important decisions delivered by the various High Courts and the Supreme Court. The author has discussed the law at length and brought out vividly their effect on the law of land acquisition.


  • Academy Law Review :


      The need for a good reference book on the subject has been well satisfied by the work under review by Shri V.G. Ramachandran who had established a reputation as the author of a number of reference books on a variety of legal subjects.


  • Kerala Law Times :


      Clarity and accuracy are the hallmarks of this book. The enlightening suggestions of the learned author have been recognised by the legislators in amending the statute. The critical expositions of the principles of law are lively and impressive. Both a lawyer and a layman are provided with complete and correct information relating to the subject.



  • Cuttack Law Times :


      The arrangement and discussion of the law under each section is lucid, explanatory and thorough.


  • Federation of Indian Manufacturers :


    All changes/amendments in relevant laws and rules have been incorporated. The handling of the subject is masterly. Central Acts/Rules have been given side by side for the sake of reference. The compilation is handy and readable.
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Table Of Contents:

                       TABLE OF CASES XXV

CHAPTER I : Introduction to Indian Law of Land Acquisition
CHAPTER II : The Land Acquisition Act, 1894
                   Short title, extent and commencement 22
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 23
                       Gujarat 23
                       Karnataka 23
                       Maharashtra 24
                       Orissa 25
                       Tamil Nadu 25
                   Repeal and Saving 32
                   Definitions 33
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
Clause (aa)
                       Gujarat 36
                       Karnataka 36
                       Maharashtra 36
Clause (b)
                       West Bengal 37
Clause (c)
                       Bihar 37
                       Gujarat 37
                       Karnataka 37
                       Maharashtra 37
                       Uttar Pradesh 38
Clause (d)
                       Gujarat 38
                       Karnataka 38
                       Madhya Pradesh 38
                       Maharashtra 38
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 39
                       West Bengal 39
Clause (dd)
                       Karnataka 39
Clause (e) (prior to amendment by Act 68 of 1984)
                       Andhra Pradesh 39
                       Karnataka 39
                       Madhya Pradesh 40
Clause (ee)
                       Bihar 40
                       Bihar (Patna City) 40
                       Maharashtra 40
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 40
                       Orissa 41
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 41
                       Uttar Pradesh 41
                       West Bengal 41
Clause (eee)
                       Maharashtra 42
                       Karnataka 42
                       Tamil Nadu 42
Clause (f) (prior to amendment by Act 68 of 1984)
                       Bihar 42
                       Gujarat 42
                       Karnataka 43
                       Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha Region 44
                       Maharashtra 44
                       Uttar Pradesh 44
Clause (g)
                       Karnataka 45
Clause (h)
                       Karnataka 45
                       Madhya Pradesh 45
                       Uttar Pradesh 45
Clause (i) and (j)
                       Uttar Pradesh 45
SECTION 3(1-A) (States)
                       Maharashtra 122
SECTIONS 3-A, 3-B, AND 3-C (States)
                       Andhra Pradesh 122
                       Gujarat 122

PART I-A : (States)
                       Gujarat (see above) 123
                       Maharashtra 123

                   Publication of preliminary notification and powers of
                   officers thereupon 124
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 125
                       Bihar 126
                       Bihar (Darbhanga) 126
                       Bihar (Patna City) 127
                       Gujarat 127
                       Karnataka 127
                       Madhya Pradesh 128
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 128
                       Maharashtra 128
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 129
                       Orissa 129
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 129
                       Tamil Nadu 129
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 129
                       Uttar Pradesh 130
                   Payment for damage 206
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 206
                   Hearing of objections 209
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 210
                       Bihar 210
                       Bihar (Darbhanga) 211
                       Bihar (Patna City) 211
                       Gujarat 211
                       Karnataka 211
                       Maharashtra 212
                       Orissa 212
                       Tamil Nadu 213
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 213
                       Uttar Pradesh 213
                   Declaration that land is required for a public purpose 249
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 250
                       Bihar 251
                       Bihar (Darbhanga) 251
                       Bihar (Patna City) 252
                       Gujarat 252
                       Himachal Pradesh 252
                       Karnataka 252
                       Madhya Pradesh 253
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 253
                       Maharashtra 254
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 255
                       Orissa 255
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 255
                       Tamil Nadu 256
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 256
                       Uttar Pradesh 256
                       West Bengal 330
                   After declaration Collector to take order for acquisition 331
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 331
                       Gujarat 331
                       Karnataka 331
                       Maharashtra 332
                   Land to be marked out, measured and planned 333
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 333
                       Karnataka 333
                   Notice to persons interested 335
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 336
                       Karnataka 336
                   Power to require and enforce the making of statements as to names
                   and interests 357
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 358
                   Inquiry and award by Collector 360
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 361
                       Gujarat 362
                       Karnataka 363
                       Maharashtra 363
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 364
                       Madhya Pradesh 364
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 364
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 364
                       Uttar Pradesh 364
                       West Bengal 365
                   Period within which an award shall be made 390
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 391
                   Award of Collector when to be final 394
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 395
                       Himachal Pradesh 395
                       Karnataka 395
                       Maharashtra 395
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 396
                       Uttar Pradesh 396
SECTION 12-A (States)
                       Bihar 408
                       Gujarat 409
                       Himachal Pradesh 409
                       Karnataka 409
                       Maharashtra 409
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 410
                       Uttar Pradesh 410
                   Adjournment of inquiry 410
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 410
                   Correction of clerical errors, etc. 411
                   Power to summon and enforce attendance of witnesses and production
                   of documents 413
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 413
                   Matters to be considered and neglected 413
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 413
                       Karnataka 414
                       Madhya Pradesh 414
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 414
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 414
                       Orissa 414
                       Punjab 414
                       Tamil Nadu 414
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 414
                       Uttar Pradesh 415
                       West Bengal 415
                   Power to call for records, etc. 418
SECTION 15-A (States)
                       Gujarat 418
                       Karnataka 418
                       Maharashtra 418
                       Scope 419
                   Power to take possession 419
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 419
                   Special powers in cases of urgency 437
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 439
                       Bihar 441
                       Bihar (Patna City) 442
                       Goa, Daman and Diu 443
                       Gujarat 443
                       Karnataka 444
                       Madhya Pradesh 445
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 446
                       Maharashtra 446
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 447
                       Orissa 447
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 447
                       Tamil Nadu 449
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 449
                       Uttar Pradesh 450
                       West Bengal 451
SECTION 17-A (States)
                       Bihar 496
                       Gujarat 496
                       Madhya Pradesh 497
                       Maharashtra 497
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 497
                       Orissa 497
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 498
                       Tamil Nadu 498
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 498
                       Uttar Pradesh 498
                       West Bengal 498

                   Reference to Court 501
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 501
                       Gujarat 502
                       Himachal Pradesh 502
                       Karnataka 502
                       Madhya Pradesh 503
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 503
                       Maharashtra 503
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 503
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 503
                       Orissa 504
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 504
                       Tamil Nadu 504
                       Uttar Pradesh 504
                   Collector's statement to the Court 582
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 583
                       Madhya Pradesh 583
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 583
                       Maharashtra 583
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 583
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 583
                       Orissa 583
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 583
                       Uttar Pradesh 583
                   Service of notice 587
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 588
                       Madhya Pradesh 588
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 588
                       Maharashtra 588
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 588
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 588
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 588
                       Uttar Pradesh 588
                   Restriction on scope of proceedings 593
                   Proceedings to be in open court 599
                   Matters to be considered in determining compensation 600
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 602
                       Bihar 603
                       Gujarat 606
                       Karnataka 606
                       Madhya Pradesh 607
                       Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal Area) 608
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 609
                       Maharashtra 610
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 610
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 612
                       Manipur 612
                       Orissa 612
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 613
                       Tamil Nadu 614
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 614
                       Uttar Pradesh 615
                       West Bengal 619
                       West Bengal (Calcutta Corporation) 621
                   Matters to be neglected in determining compensation 825
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 826
                       Gujarat 826
                       Karnataka 826
                       Madhya Pradesh 827
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 828
                       Maharashtra 828
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 828
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 829
                       Manipur 829
                       Orissa 829
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 829
                       Tamil Nadu 829
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 830
                       Uttar Pradesh 830
                       West Bengal 830
SECTION 24-A (States)
                       Bihar 840
                       Bihar (Patna City) 841
                       Madhya Pradesh 841
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore City) 841
                       Maharashtra 841
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 841
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 841
                       Orissa 842
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 842
                       Tamil Nadu 842
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 842
                       Uttar Pradesh 843
                       West Bengal 843
                   Amount of compensation awarded by Court not to be lower than
                   the amount awarded by the Collector 845
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Himachal Pradesh 845
                       Karnataka 845
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 845
                       Uttar Pradesh 846
                   Form of awards 849
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 850
                   Costs 859
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 860
                       Karnataka 860
                       Maharashtra 860
                       West Bengal 860
                       West Bengal (Calcutta Improvement) 860
                   Collector may be directed to pay interest on excess compensation 866
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 866
                       Gujarat 866
                       Haryana and Chandigarh 866
                       Himachal Pradesh 866
                       Karnataka 866
                       Madhya Pradesh 867
                       Maharashtra 867
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 867
                       Punjab 867
                       Tamil Nadu 867
                   Re-determination of the amount of compensation on the basis of the
                   award of the Court 878

                   Particulars of apportionment to be specified 888
                   Dispute as to apportionment 890
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 890
SECTION 30-A (States)
                       Karnataka 930

                   Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Court 931
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 932
                       Himachal Pradesh 932
                       Karnataka 933
                       Maharashtra 933
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 933
                       Maharashtra (Nagpur City) 933
                       Madhya Pradesh 933
                       Madhya Pradesh (Jubbulpore) 933
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 933
                       Uttar Pradesh 933
                   Investment of money deposited in respect of lands belonging to
                   persons incompetent to alienate 957
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 958
SECTION 32-A (States)
                       Uttar Pradesh 972
                       West Bengal 972
                   Investment of money deposited in other cases 973
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       West Bengal 973
                   Payment of interest 974
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 974
                       Gujarat 974
                       Haryana 974
                       Karnataka 974
                       Himachal Pradesh 975
                       Madhya Pradesh 975
                       Maharashtra 975
                       Punjab 975
                       Tamil Nadu 975

                   Temporary occupation of waste or arable land. Procedure when
                   difference as to compensation exists 992
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 993
                       Gujarat 993
                       Karnataka 993
                       Maharashtra 994
                   Power to enter and take possession, and compensation
                   on restoration 1002
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 1003
                   Difference as to condition of land 1004
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 1004
SECTION 37-A (States)
                       Karnataka 1006

                   Company may be authorised to enter and survey 1011
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 1012
                   Industrial concern to be deemed Company for certain purposes 1012
                   Previous consent of appropriate Government and execution of
                   agreement necessary 1013
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Bihar 1013
                       Gujarat 1013
                       Uttar Pradesh 1013
                   Previous enquiry 1018
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 1018
                   Agreement with appropriate Government 1034
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 1036
                   Publication of agreement 1039
                   Section 39 to 42 not to apply where Government bound by agreement
                   to provide land for Companies 1040
                   How agreement with Railway Company may be proved 1041
                   Restriction on transfer, etc. 1041
                   Land not to be acquired under this Part except for certain purpose
                   for private companies other than Government companies 1041

                   Service of notices 1043
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Andhra Pradesh 1043
                       Gujarat 1044
                       Karnataka 1044
                       Maharashtra 1044
                       Tamil Nadu 1045
                   Penalty for obstructing acquisition of land 1050
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 1050
                       Karnataka 1051
                       Maharashtra 1051
                       Andaman & Nicobar Islands 1053
                   Magistrate to enforce surrender 1053
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Karnataka 1054
SECTION 47-A (States)
                       Gujarat 1054
                   Completion of acquisition not compulsory, but compensation to be
                   awarded when not completed 1055
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Maharashtra 1056
SECTION 48-A (States)
                       Bihar 1069
                       Bihar (Patna City) 1069
                       Maharashtra 1070
                       Maharashtra Nagpur (City) 1070
                       Madhya Pradesh 1070
                       Madhya Pradesh Jubbulpore (City) 1070
                       Orissa 1070
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 1070
                       Tamil Nadu 1071
                       Tamil Nadu (Madras City) 1071
                       Uttar Pradesh 1071
                       West Bengal 1071
SECTION 48-B (States)
                       West Bengal 1072
                   Acquisition of part of house or building 1072
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Madhya Pradesh 1073
                       Maharashtra 1073
                       Maharashtra (Vidarbha) 1073
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 1073
                       Uttar Pradesh 1073
                       West Bengal 1073
SECTION 49-A (States)
                       Gujarat 1083
                   Acquisition of land at cost of a local authority or Company 1084
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                       Gujarat 1084
                       Karnataka 1084
                   Exemption from stamp-duty and fees 1089
                   Acceptance of certified copy as evidence 1090
                   Notice in case of suits for anything done in pursuance of Act 1092
SECTION 52-A (States)
                       Gujarat 1096
                       Himachal Pradesh 1097
                       Maharashtra 1097
                       Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh 1098
                   Code of Civil Procedure to apply to proceedings before Court 1099
                   Appeals in proceedings before Court 1116
                       STATE AMENDMENTS
                   Karnataka 1116
                   Power to make rules 1145

                   AND VALIDATION) ACT, 1967
                   OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTY ACT, 1952
                  PROPERTY RULES, 1953
                   APPENDIX V : STATE RULES
                       ASSAM 1198-F
                       BIHAR 1198-I
                       KARNATAKA 1198-K
                       KERALA 1198-R
                       MADHYA PRADESH 1198-X
                       MAHARASHTRA 1198-Y
                       ORISSA 1198-I
                       TAMIL NADU 1198-Z
                       UTTAR PRADESH 1198-Z(1)
                       WEST BENGAL 1198-Z(3)
                       SUBJECT INDEX 1199
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