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Supreme Court on Penal Code (in 5 Volumes)
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Supreme Court on Penal Code (in 5 Volumes)

by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
Edition: 2nd Edition (Volume 1 to 4 of 2015 and Volume 5 of 2018)
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Product Details:

Format: eBook/Hardback
Pages: 5396 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789387487710,9789351452188
Dimensions: 24.5*18*3 CM
Publisher Code: EA/780,EA/785,EA/786,EA/787,EA/788,AC/218, AC/771, AC/215, AC/216, AC/214, AC/217
Date Added: 2018-08-11
Search Category: Lawbooks,ebooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


The present?Volume 5?of the digest covers the case-law on the Indian Penal Code, 1860 as laid down by the Hon?ble?Supreme Court from 2015?upto 2018.1 The earlier 4 volumes covered the case law from 1950 to 2014.

A new feature of these volumes is that the text of all the sections of IPC has also been given. Thus the digest serves as a complete source of law on Indian Penal Code.?

Volume 1?covers Ss. 1 to 298 and Ss. 299 to 304 (Contd.);?

Volume 2?covers Ss. 299 to 304 (Contd.);?

Volume 3?covers Ss. 299 to 304 (Concluded) to Ss. 375 to 376-D (Contd.);

Volume 4?covers Ss. 375 to 376-D (Concluded) to END;?

Volume 5?covers Ss. 1 to END.

Special Features:

  • All the rulings have been arranged systematically and where the number of rulings is large (such as Ss. 299 to 304 IPC), they have been placed under numerous sub-headings mentioned in the synopsis.
  • The entire case law can be studied in a unified manner under four major parts:
  • Culpable Homicide and Murder ? Basic Principles.
  • Culpable Homicide or Murder involving multiple accused.
  • Particular kinds of Culpable Homicide, Murder and/or other offences.
  • Trial, Sentencing and other issues.
  • Interconnection between sub-headings is indicated by cross-references.
  • The bare text from the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code has been placed just above the rulings on that section. Hence the reader will not have to look at the bare Act separately, and can study the sections itself.
  • Also contains annotations, editorial notes and Coram details.



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Table Of Contents:

Volume 1- Ss. 1 to 298 and Ss. 299 to 304(contd.)

Volume 2- Ss. 299-304(contd.)

Volume 3- Ss. 299-304(concluded) to Ss. 375-376-D(contd.)

Volume 4- Ss. 375-376-D(concluded) to End

Volume 5- covers Ss. 1 to END

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