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SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Plus Pack (From the publishers of Supreme Court Cases)
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SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Plus Pack (From the publishers of Supreme Court Cases)

by EBC
Edition: 2022
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SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Plus Pack (From the publishers of Supreme Court Cases)
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Product Details:

Format: Online
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Date Added: 2014-07-06
Search Category: eProducts
Jurisdiction: Indian


SCC Online® is used every day by advocates, judges, students, law firms, businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions across the Indian subcontinent and the rest of the world!

Uniting the authentic and reliable content from India’s leading law publisher with cutting-edge technology to create a powerful legal research resource, available at your desk or on the move. Spend less time researching, and have more time to focus on crafting your arguments.

SCC Online® pioneered the availability of electronic legal research resources in India in 1996 through the introduction of its CD-ROM-based software. With the proliferation of the Internet, we launched the Web Edition in 2010. With its growth and popularity, it has become the standard for legal research in India. 

With an initial database based upon India’s most trusted law report, “Supreme Court Cases” (SCC), we have added a huge amount of information that was carefully sourced and licensed from a consortium of top Indian and International law publishers to make our database the largest authentic law database in the Indian subcontinent. 

In addition to our extensive coverage of Indian case law from the Supreme Court of India, all High Courts, Tribunals and Commissions as well as Statutory Law and Secondary Material, SCC Online® also contains legal information from several Foreign Jurisdictions and covers important International Law.

With a collection of over 300 databases, with more than 2.8 million documents and over 13.5 million pages our legal research resource provides top-quality information with an interface that makes legal research a quicker, easier, and more effective process.

SCC Online® Web Edition is the only electronic legal research database whose TruePrintsTM, is widely accepted in law courts across India, including in the Supreme Court of India.

Spend less time researching, and have more time to focus on crafting your arguments. 

  • Get results on the topic of your search in milliseconds. No more looking through indexes at libraries or waiting for web pages to load. The newest iteration of SCC Online® is the fastest one yet!
  • Our content is updated daily, following comprehensive standards of quality control, thereby ensuring that your research is accurate and up-to-date. With options to filter your search results and the ability to refine searches, you spend less time scrolling and more time building your argument.
  • Conducting quality legal research no longer requires extensive knowledge of the intricate legal system itself. Because of the intuitive interface and comprehensive topic guide, anyone who has access to the Internet can now conduct research independently, regardless of their location or time.
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Table Of Contents:

Indian Case Law

  • Supreme Court of India
  • All High Courts
  • Historical Courts
  • Tribunals & Commissions
  • Indian Statutory Law
  • Reports of Commissions & Committees
  • Constituent Assembly Debates
  • Articles from 40+ Top Legal Journals

23 Foreign Court Judgments

  • English Law (Licenced from ICLR, UK) with TruePrint™:
    • Law Reports (1865-Till Date)
    • Weekly Law Reports (1953-Till Date)
    • Business Law Reports (2007-Till Date)
  • Singapore Law through LawNet
  • International Materials:
    • Human Rights Treaties and Conventions
    • World Intellectual Property Organization (Domain Name Decisions)
    • Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) & Many Others
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