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An Introduction to Public International Law
By Shilpa Jain
  2016, Reprinted 2021
An Introduction to Public...

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Conflict of Laws
By Setalvad
  3rd Edition, 2014
Conflict of Laws is a field of law which is not widely known to the ordinary law practitioner. It has to be considered only if a particular litigation has a foreign element as, for example, when...

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Human Rights : Law and Practice
By Bhagyashree A. Deshpande
  2nd Edition, 2022

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Public International Law
By V K Ahuja
  2nd Edition, 2021
Public International Law is a researched work on the subject of International Law. Since International Law is taught almost in all the States of...

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Private International Law (Conflict of laws)
By V. L. Mony
  1st Edition 2019, Reprinted 2022

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International Economic Law
By Dr. S.R Myneni
  5th, 2022

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International Law
By Dr. Gurdip Singh and Amrita Bahri

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International Trade Law
By S R Myneni
  4th Edition 2022, Reprinted 2024

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Public International Law
By S R Myneni
  2nd Edition 2021, Reprinted 2023

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