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Goods And Services Tax - Constitutional Law and Policy
By Tarun Jain
  1st Edition, 2018
The present comprehensive treatise on the biggest ever tax-reform in India, the Goods and Services Tax, throws light upon...

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Goods & Service Tax
By N.K. Gupta
  1st edn., 2015

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A Practical Guide to GST Audits and Certification
By CA Madhukar Hiregange, Shri B.S.V. Murthy, CA...
The fourth edition of this book has been written with a perspective to enable the taxpayers to ensure compliance with the...

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Goods and Services Tax: Law and Practice
By Milind Kumar
  1st, 2019
About the Author: Milind Kumar is a renowned M Sc gold medallist, a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, a graduate from CLC, Delhi University. He has a...

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GST (Goods & Services Tax)
By CA. Kashish Gupta
  3rd edn., 2018
GST (Goods & Services Tax)

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Understanding GST
By GST Gurukul
  2017 Edition
Understanding GST by GST Gurukul provides an authentic exposition of the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax in simple and...

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THE GST NATION - A Guide for Business Transformation
By Ajay Srivastava

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Professional's Guide to GST - From Ideation to Reality
By Abhishek A Rastogi
  3rd Edition 2017
Foreword by Shri Arun Jaitley (Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs) Fully...

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Tally GST Rates on Goods and Services
By Arun Goyal

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