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Goods And Services Tax - Constitutional Law and Policy
By Tarun Jain
  1st Edition, 2018
The present comprehensive treatise on the biggest ever tax-reform in India, the Goods and Services Tax, throws light upon...

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Goods & Service Tax
By N.K. Gupta
  1st edn., 2015

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A Practical Guide to GST Audits and Certification
By CA Madhukar Hiregange, Shri B.S.V. Murthy, CA...
The fourth edition of this book has been written with a perspective to enable the taxpayers to ensure compliance with the...

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Goods and Services Tax: Law and Practice
By Milind Kumar
  1st, 2019
About the Author: Milind Kumar is a renowned M Sc gold medallist, a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, a graduate from CLC, Delhi University. He has a...

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GST (Goods & Services Tax)
By CA. Kashish Gupta
  3rd edn., 2018
GST (Goods & Services Tax)

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Understanding GST
By GST Gurukul
  2017 Edition
Understanding GST by GST Gurukul provides an authentic exposition of the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax in simple and...

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GST - Input Tax Credit
By V.S. Datey
  2017 Edition
Incorporating How to...

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THE GST NATION - A Guide for Business Transformation
By Ajay Srivastava

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GST - How To Meet Your Obligations (set of 2 volumes)
By S S Gupta
  9th Edition 2020
It provides comprehensive coverage on GST law. It explains each and every concept of GST in lucid manner. This book is the 9th edition as amended up to February 1, 2020. This book comes in a set of 2 volumes and...

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