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Current Tax Reporter CTR Bound Volume

Bound Volume 2019 (In 6 Volumes):
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Bound Volume 2020 (In 6 Volumes):
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By Bharat's
  24th edn., 2015
Income-tax Act, 1961 Text of sections Appendix 1: The Finance Act, 2015 Income Tax Wealth-tax Service...

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 357.00
Simplified Approach to CORPORATE TAX PLANNING & MANAGEMENT (As applicable for A.Y. 2015-16)
By Dr. Girish Ahuja And Dr. Ravi Gupta
  16th edn., 2015
Simplified Approach to CORPORATE TAX PLANNING & MANAGEMENT (As applicable for A.Y. 2013-14)

Paperback: Rs. 650.00  Rs. 520.00
GST Investigations Demands Appeals & Prosecution
By G. Gokul Kishore , R. Subhashree
  1st Edition, 2021
GST Investigations Demands Appeals & Prosecution aims to cover the past & emerging jurisprudence on the subject matter along with a lucid commentary on the statutory...

Paperback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 636.00
GST - Concept & Roadmap
By Atul Kumar Gupta
  1st Edition, 2015
The GST Concept & Roadmap gives an insight into the emerging issues in the implementation of the GST as well as concerns after its implementation. It elucidates the...

Paperback: Rs. 995.00  Rs. 846.00
Investing in Real Estate - How to Make Money and Save Tax
By Subhash Lakhotia
  1st Edition 2016, 2015
Real estate is one of the fastest booming sectors and investing in real estate is a great way to grow your wealth. Written in a simple and lucid language, this book comprehensively covers various investment...

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
Central Sales Tax Laws
By K Chaturvedi
With large number of statutory amendments and addition of numerous case laws over a period of time, there has been an ardent need for the revision of this title since its last edition in 2012. In the wake of expected...

Hardback: Rs. 3,750.00  Rs. 3,188.00
Professional’s Guide to Service Tax - As amended by the Finance Act, 2017 (Set of 2 Volumes)
By Abhishek A Rastogi
  8th Edition 2017
Foreword by Sh. Arun Jaitley (Minister of Finance, Defence and Corporate Affairs) Salient Features: Highlights of the Finance Act 2017 Fully updated commentary on Service...

Paperback: Rs. 2,250.00  Rs. 1,913.00
Direct Taxes Circulars 1922-2015 - Relating to the Law of Income, Wealth and Gift Tax, Black Money Act with Statutory and Judicial Analysis
By Pithisaria & Pithisaria
Pithisaria & Pithisaria on Direct Tax Circulars, is a very valuable extension to Chaturvedi & Pithisaria Income tax law. It is the most reliable, authentic and thorough coverage on the subject. The series takes into...

Hardback: Rs. 8,400.00  Rs. 7,560.00