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Information Rights Third Edition  Law and Practice
By Philip Coppel QC
  July 2010
This is the third edition of the leading practitioners work on freedom of information. Designed to provide in-depth legal analysis and practical guidance, this book has become the first port of call for...

Rs. 8,075.00  Rs. 6,460.00
A Layman's Guide to Right to Information - An Encyclopedia for Every One
By V.K.Puri, for JBA Publishers
This is a very simple and practical guide for all information-seekers. It not only guides on the procedures for filing an application unde rthe RTI Act, but also guides on appeals, etc.

Rs. 250.00  Rs. 200.00
	Right To Information - One Should Know 2008
  2nd Edition,2008

Rs. 130.00  Rs. 117.00
  7TH 2010

Rs. 150.00  Rs. 127.00
Modern Statutory Interpretation Legislative Process and Principles of Statutory Interpretation
By K.N. Chaturvedi
  1st Edition, 2022
Law is the essential lifeblood of a modern democracy. How it is found; what it means; how its ambiguities are resolved; why we obey it; when we should...

Hardback: Rs. 1,250.00  Rs. 1,000.00
Principles of Statutory Interpretation
By Justice G P Singh
  15th Edition, 2021
Justice G P Singh’s Principles of Statutory Interpretation is the most comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject. Widely quoted in judgments of the Supreme Court as well as various High Courts, this...

Hardcover: Rs. 2,995.00  Rs. 2,546.00
Media Law (With Right To Information Act)
By Dr. S.R. Myneni
  3rd Edition, Reprinted 2022

Paperback: Rs. 720.00  Rs. 648.00
Right To Information Law
By Dr. S.R. Myneni
  3rd Edition, 2022

Paperback: Rs. 720.00  Rs. 648.00
Commentary On Right To Information Act
By Acharya N.K, Srinivas Madhav (Revised)
  14th Edition, 2019
Acharya N.K. Commentary On Right To Information Act (14th Edition, 2019) RTI Revised By Srinivas Madhav

Paperback: Rs. 1,350.00  Rs. 1,215.00