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Law of Writs (In 2 vols.)
By V.G.Ramachandran's
  6th Edition, 2007
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Paperback: Rs. 1,750.00  Rs. 1,488.00
Justice B P Banerjee Writ Remedies
By Justice Bhagabati Prosad Banerjee, Bhaskar Pr...
  7th Edition, 2016
This classic work on writ remedies is arranged thematically for ease of reference Contains dedicated chapters on each of the writs available under the...

Hardback: Rs. 2,495.00  Rs. 2,121.00
V.G. Ramachandran's Law of Writs (in 2 volumes)
By Revised by C.K. Thakker and M.C. Thakker
  2017 Edition Reprint 2019
Acknowledged as the undisputed authority on the subject, the book has been popular amongst the lawyers, the judiciary, the academicians and scholars in India and abroad. It was admired...

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