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Supreme Court on Consumer Protection (1986 to 2018) (in 3 Volumes) Supreme Court on Consumer Protection (1986 to 2018) (in 3 Volumes)
Supreme Court on Consumer Protection (1986 to 2018) (in 3 Volumes)
Supreme Court on Consumer Protection (1986 to 2018) (in 3 Volumes)
by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
Edition: Vols. 1 and 2 (1986-2011), 2011
Vol.3 (2011-2018), 2019
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Supreme Court on Consumer Protection (1986 to 2018) (in 3 Volumes)
Anand's : Commentary on Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 1887 alongwith the Presidency Small Cause Court Act, 1882 and Civil Court Act with Central and State Amendments, 8th Revised New Edn.
Supreme Court on Arbitration (1950 to 2018) (In 3 Volumes)
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This superb three- volume Digest is the most authoritative and up-to-date on the subject, covering the complete case law on Consumer Protection, laid down by the Supreme Court from 1986 to 2018.


Volume 1 covers the law laid down by the Supreme Court on Consumer Protection from 1986 till 2009 i.e. up to (2009) 3 SCC.

Volume 2 supplements and updates Volume 1 and covers case law as reported in (2009) 4 SCC up to (2011) 2 SCC i.e. till the end of February 2011.

Volume 3 updates the law laid down by the Supreme Court on Consumer Protection from (2011) 3 SCC to (2018) 16 SCC, including (2010) 14 SCC

Additionally, the work provides the text of the important statutes dealing with Consumer Protection – 1) The Consumer Protection Act, 1986,2) Consumer Protection Rules, 1987 and 3) Consumer Protection Regulations, 2005.

The only complete source for the entire Supreme Court case law on Consumer Protection covering all reported and unreported rulings. The entire case law has been more scientifically arranged topic wise and a comprehensive classification system has been devised to make the understanding of this area of law more intuitive and rational.

The update volume to the 2nd edition of the digest completely updates the law as laid dwn by the Supreme Court on Consumer Protection from 2011 to 2018. 

Special Features:

l    Provides cross- citations to all leading law reports like SCC , AIR, Cri LJ, STC, Comp Cas, ITR, LLJ, SLR, FLR, ELT etc. It can therefore be used with most law reports.

l     All reported and unreported judgments covered.

l     Adoption of topic-wise approach with a comprehensive classification.

l     Cross-referencing to enable exhaustive section-wise research.

l     Rulings placed under minor topic headings and synopses added for quick reference.

l     Annotations, Table of Cases Digested, Date of Decision, Quick Guides, and Coram details also included.



Table Of Contents:

Topic and Statute Guide


1. Generally — Nature and Scope 

2. Cause of Action 

3 2.1 Excess price 

3 2.2 Unfair trade practice 

3 2.3 Restitution 

4 3. Consumer/Consumer Dispute/Locus Standi

4 3.1 Generally 

4 3.2 “Commercial purpose” 

3.3 Earning livelihood by Self-Employment 

3.4 Transaction with State or its Instrumentalities

3.5 Other Bodies against whom maintainable 

4. Consumer Forums. .

4.1 Generally 

4.2 Adequate Infrastructure, Necessity of 

4.3 Jurisdiction and Powers of Consumer Forum 

4.3.1 Generally .

4.3.2 Territorial Jurisdiction .

4.3.3 Concurrent Jurisdiction .

4.3.4 Exclusion of jurisdiction .

4.3.5 Relegation to civil suit/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism/arbitration — When proper

4.3.6 Interference in writ jurisdiction

4.4 Maintainability 

4.4.1 Delay/Laches/Limitation .

4.4.2 Other Matters 

4.5 Practice and Procedure 

4.5.1 Generally .

4.5.2 Who can represent 

4.5.3 Dismissal for default—Restoration of proceedings

4.5.4 Expert evidence

4.5.5 Limitation/Delay/Laches 

4. Consumer Forum (contd.) 4.5 Practice and Procedure (contd.)

4.5.6 Notice 

4.5.7 Pleading and Evidence . 

4.5.8 Other matters


4.6 Exercise of power 

4.6.1 Generally 

4.6.2 Expeditious disposal of complaints 

4.6.3 Natural Justice/Reasons/Application of mind 

4.6.4 Relief Generally — Nature of Liability Compensation Interest Refund of Price Restitutionary Relief Punitive Damages Other Modes and Instances of Relief .

4.6.5 Penalties .

4.6.6 Execution of consumer award 

4.6.7 Costs 

4.6.8 Execution 

4.6.9 Interim orders 

4.7 Appeal/Interference by Supreme Court 

4.8 Legal Aid .

4.9 Review/Revision

5. Goods 

6. Services 

6.1 Generally re Defi ciency in Service 

6.2 Banking/Shares/Securities and Other Financial Services

6.3 Carriers/Transporters 

6.4 Earning Livelihood by Self-employment 

6.5 Educational Services .

6.6 Electricity 

6.7 Entertainment, Leisure, Tourism and Sports Services 

6.8 Housing .

6.9 Insurance 

6.10 Medical practitioners/Services/Medical negligence.

6.11 Supply of goods/Service-supply contracts 


6.12 Telecom services

6.13 Travel services 

6.14 Legal services

6.15 Other services 


7. Particular Statutes and Rules .

7.1 Consumer Protection Act, 1986 

7.2 Consumer Protection Regulations, 2005 .

7.3 Consumer Protection Rules, 1987

7.4 M.P. Consumer Protection Rules, 1987 

7.5 Maharashtra Consumer Protection Rules, 2000 

7.6 Orissa Consumer Protection Rules, 1988 

7.7 United Nations Consumer Protection Resolution No. 39/248 

7.8 United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection

7.9 Regulations Framed by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, 2005 

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