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SLAPPs: Getting Sued for Speaking Out SLAPPs: Getting Sued for Speaking Out
SLAPPs: Getting Sued for Speaking Out
by George Pring
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Format: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Temple University Press,U.S.
Language: English
Dimensions: 23.00 X 0.79 X 15.00
Publisher Code: 9781566393690
Date Added: 2018-08-03
Search Category: International
Jurisdiction: International
Publish Country: United States
The first book to explain, document, and offer solutions to SLAPPS, by the lawyers who identified the trend and lead the battle cry against it

Table Of Contents:


1. The Onslaught of SLAPPs
Cases in Point * The Definition: What Are "SLAPPs"? * The Process: How SLAPPs work * Why Not SLAPPs? Sympathy for Filers

2. The Constitution's Great Safeguard: The Right to Petition
The Theory Behind "Open Government" * The Supreme Court and the Fact Quagmire * The Noerr-Pennington Doctrine and the "Sham" Exception * The Omni Case: A Success Model * SLAPPs: More than a "Legal" Problem

3. Real Estate SLAPPs: Developers, Land Use, and Growth Turning Up the Heat
A Classic Real Estate Developer SLAPP * A Rash of SLAPPs * Repeat Players and Developers' Motives * A Protective Precedent

4. The Ultimate SLAPP: Public Servants Turning on the Taxpayers
The Police SLAPP * The School SLAPP * The Public Official SLAPP

5. Eco-SLAPPs: Turning the Tables on the Environmental Movement
SLAPPs in the Wilderness * "Pollution Buster" SLAPPs * Animal Rights and Wrongs

6. "Not in My Backyard" SLAPPs: Care Homes, Landfills, and Other "LULUs" Turning Up on Our Doorsteps
The Least Objectionable LULUs * More Objectionable LULUs * The Most Objectionable LULUs * The Spreading Spectrum and the Solution

7. Rights SLAPPs: Turning Against Consumers', Workers', Women's...and Your Rights
The Caveat Emptor SLAPP * What Rights Are Left?

8. Judicial Cures: Managing the SLAPP
Managing SLAPPs Before They Happen * Managing SLAPPs as Soon as They Happen * Managing SLAPPs in Court

9. Judicial Cures: Managing the SLAPPback
The Birth and Growth of SLAPPbacks * The Legal Grounds for SLAPPbacks

10. Anti-SLAPP Legislation and Other Cures
The Legislative Cure: "Anti-SLAPP Laws" * A Model Anti-SLAPP Bill * Executive Branch Contributions

Appendix: The SLAPPs Study Methods and Findings: A Conflict Between Democracy and Capitalism
The Study Methodology * The Study Findings


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