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Anatomy of a Public Policy: The Reform of Contemporary American Immigration Law Anatomy of a Public Policy: The Reform of Contemporary American Immigration Law
Anatomy of a Public Policy: The Reform of Contemporary American Immigration Law
by Michael C. LeMay
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Format: Hardback
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Language: English
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Publisher Code: 9780275949020
Date Added: 2018-08-08
Search Category: International
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Publish Country: United States
LeMay offers an insightful examination of the enactment of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and the Immigration Act of 1990. Using the enactment of immigration policy reform--the most substantial since 1965--he illustrates the various stages of the public policy process. He shows how problems, such as the illegal alien influx, become perceived of as public problems and get on the policy agenda of government. He illustrates the interaction of interest groups and political leadership in the branches of government in the formulation and enactment of policy reform. By examining this area of public policy--one rich in human interest as well as substantive importance to American politics and public policy--LeMay provides useful insights into the policy process, Congressional decision-making, and the complexity of regulatory policy. This book will be of value to scholars of the immigration process, lawyers and practitioners involved in immigration, students of Congressional decision-making and of the public policy process, and general readers.

Table Of Contents:
Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Problem Formation/Agenda Setting--The Illegal Alien Influx and the Crisis of Border Control Changes in Immigration Law, 1965 The Dynamic Flow of Immigration: The Changing Nature of the Influx in the 1970s The "Flood" of Illegal Aliens The Crisis of Border Control Policy Formulation--A New Approach to Immigration Policy Beginnings of the Employer Sanctions Approach to Immigration Policy The Impact of SCIRP--The Legitimization of the Duality of Employer Sanctions/Legalization The Simpson-Mazzoli-Rodino Proposals Policy Adoption--The Passage of IRCA, 1986 Critical Compromises: The Enactment of IRCA in 1986 A Summary of IRCA Split Congressional Voting Blocs Explaining Enactment--Conflictual versus Integrative Bargaining Congressional Policy Strategies and Intent Policy Implementation--Putting IRCA into Action Introduction The Accomplishments of Implementing IRCA Difficulties in the INS Implementation of IRCA Intergovernmental Aspects of IRCA Non-Governmental Agencies and IRCA Policy Evaluation--An Initial Assessment Introduction Employer Sanctions and Discrimination The Legalization Programs Improving the INS/Border Patrol Unanticipated Consequences Conclusion, Immigration Policy for the 1990s Introduction Current Proposals for Immigration Policy Reform The Immigration Act of 1990 Implications for Future Policy Action Insights into the Policy Process Appendix I: List of Interviewees Appendix II: The Roll Call Votes Enacting IRCA Appendix III: Analysis of Hispanic Caucus Members Votes on IRCA Appendix IV: The Roll Call Votes Act of 1990 Appendix V: IRCA Questionnaires Bibliography Index

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